Senior Surgeon Needed ASAP in Liberia

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Country : LIBERIA

Specialties : Surgery

Mission For : Members and Non-members, Physicians

Trip Status : Open

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ELWA Hospital has served the greater Monrovia region with quality health care for 40 years. As a ministry of SIM, a management team of qualified Liberians and missionaries continues to upgrade services in the new 87-bed facility. The current surgical staff includes an expatriate surgeon and a part-time Liberian surgeon. Primary care physicians are available for medical consultation when needed. Approximately 75 general surgical cases are performed per month. With another general surgeon, ELWA Hospital will be able to meet the needs of the community and ministry.

A senior surgeon is needed immediately as a mentor to work alongside a recent residency graduate from the U.S.A.. This individual will provide direct patient care, but their focus will be on mentorship and training. Opportunities are also available for teaching Liberian medical students and residents. Responsibilities for call would be shared with the other surgeons on staff. (General medicine and obstetric call is covered by the primary care physicians.) You may also wish to participate in the Health Care Christian Fellowship at the hospital.

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ELWA Hospital

Organization: Center for Medical Missions®

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