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Korte vs. Health & Human Services Brief

February 4, 2013
Amici—which include for-profit companies as well as national healthcare non-profit organizations, discussed below—share a common conviction: so-called “emergency contraception” can end the life of a developing human being. Amici present to this court data demonstrating the post-fertilization effect (i.e., life-ending effect) of “emergency contraception” and explaining that the forced provision or payment for “emergency contraception” violates the freedom of conscience that is a bedrock of this Nation. Drury Development Corporation, Drury Southwest, Inc., and Drury Hotels Company, LLC [collectively referred to herein as “Amicus Drury”] are for-profit companies that collectively employ thousands of individuals. Amicus Drury and its affiliates own and operate, among other things, hotels, office buildings, strip shopping centers, billboard companies, and convenience gasoline stations. Eligible employees of Amicus Drury participate in a self-funded health and welfare benefit plan administered by Drury Hotels Company, LLC. Currently, 3,400 employees are eligible to participate, and 1,913 have elected to participate.