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CDD STAT is a special edition of Christian Doctor’s Digest that is distributed when circumstances of an urgent nature occur. This is a great opportunity for you to submit a grant application to provide services through the Title X Family Planning Program. Applications are due January 14.

In this special edition, Dr. David Stevens interviews Diane Foley, MD, FAAP, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs and the Director of the Office of Population Affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), regarding Title X Funding. Dr. Foley explains that non-profit entities, such as community health centers, pregnancy resource centers and others, could serve either as primary grantees serving a state or a particular patient population, or as sub-grantees specializing in certain services. For example, Dr. Foley noted, a pregnancy resource center could become expert providers of Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABM) and provide this for a grantee that covers the entire state.

This new proposed Title X rule further strengthens conscience protections and includes provisions that prevent the abortion industry from abusing the program. Read CMDA’s official public comment on the proposed rule at

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If you are interested in applying, stay tuned to the HHS Title X Family Planning website for notice about a webinar to know what to expect. You can also learn more about this funding opportunity here.

HHA has also released items of interest to organizations and individuals working on life, family, and religious liberty issues.

  1. Final Rules on Conscience Mandate – Last year, HHS published interim final rules to provide conscience protections for Americans who have a religious or moral objection to health insurance that covers contraception methods.  Today the final rules were published: (1) one that outlines an exemption for religious convictions, and (2) a second rule that creates an exemption for moral objections.
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  1. A Proposed Rule Requiring Separate Billing & Payment for Abortion Coverage in Obamacare Exchange Plans – As part of an overall “Program Integrity Proposed Rule” released by CMS today, CMS would require that issuers with plans on the Obamacare exchanges: (1) send an entirely separate monthly bill to the consumer for only the portion of premium attributable to abortion coverage, and (2) instruct the enrollee to pay the portion of their premium attributable to abortion coverage in a separate transaction from any payment the consumer makes for the portion of their premium not attributable to abortion coverage.  Since this is a proposed rule, you can make comments, we encourage you to provide them through the formal comment process.
    Proposed Rule
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Diane Foley MD, FAAP, was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary for Population Affairs and Director of the Office of Population Affairs at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on May 29, 2018. Dr. Foley has spent her professional career in the clinical practice of pediatrics with a focus on adolescent health. Originally from Indiana, Dr. Foley founded and served as medical director of Northpoint Pediatrics shortly after completing a residency in pediatrics. She spent the next 17 years establishing what is still one of the largest pediatric practices in Central Indiana. During this same period, she also served as a pediatric clinical instructor for pediatric and family practice residency programs at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Dr. Foley’s areas of special interest are adolescent gynecology, prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, healthy family formation and global health, all of which she continued to focus on after her move to Colorado in 2004. Most recently, she was in part-time clinical practice at a certified Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Critical Access Hospital in Lamar, Colorado. At the same time, Dr. Foley served as Director of Medical Ministries for Global Partners of the Wesleyan Church, where her responsibilities included oversight of mission hospitals in Sierra Leone, Zambia and Haiti. Dr. Foley is a graduate of Marion College (now Indiana Wesleyan University) and of Indiana University School of Medicine. She is a Diplomat of the American Board of Pediatrics, a member of the Society of Adolescent Health and served on numerous other national boards and committees. Dr. Foley is fluent in Haitian Creole, having spent her formative years in Haiti.

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