Christian Doctor’s Digest – August 2018


In the August 2018 edition of Christian Doctor’s Digest…

Meet Our Guests:

Paul Gerritson

Paul Gerritson, MDiv

Individual Interview Location within the program: 2:00

Paul has served as an award-winning intelligence officer with the Department of Defense, a critical care and 911 paramedic and EMS Operations Director, a vocational pastor for congregations and is now in his seventh year as the Area Director-Pastor for Triangle Christian Medical & Dental Associations. Paul is based in Durham, North Carolina, but serves Christians in healthcare across the entire state of North Carolina. He also served as the North Carolina Co-Director for the American Academy of Medical Ethics. Paul is the author of two books: Notes of Encouragement and Your Privileged Position. He’s currently working on his third, Hope in the Hard Times, focusing on lessons drawn from the stories of people in the time between the destruction of Solomon’s temple under the Babylonians and the completion of the second temple under the Persian government. Paul has a master’s degree in divinity from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. He plans to complete a Doctorate of Ministry while overseas on assignment with his beloved wife Judy.

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John Greenall

Dr. John Greenall

Individual Interview Location: 20:30

Dr. John Greenall is Christian Medical Fellowship’s Head of Student Ministries and a pediatrician in London, England. He trained at King’s College London and holds a bachelor of science in psychology. In his role, John oversees a regional team model in the regions, leads the CMF field team, develops leader volunteers across the ministry, develops programs for CMF and speaks, writes and networks with like-minded organizations at home and overseas. In his words, “Developing effective teams of people doing what God has called them to do, in the places they spend most of their time, is a passion of mine. Seeing graduates, students and nursing ministry develop in the regions is the heart of my role as we seek to equip members for ministry.”

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