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Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) focuses its legal work in five core areas: religious freedom, freedom of speech, sanctity of life, marriage and family and parental rights. As a legal organization with a mission to keep the door open for the spread of the gospel, the work they do in each of these core areas is all focused toward that end. As such, they may be able to assist with or refer matters to our Allied Attorney network that involve bona fide religious objections to the COVID-19 vaccines. Non-religious objections, such as those based on medical, health, cultural, or political concerns—although they may be valid—are outside the scope of ADF’s mission.

As the Biden Administration explores a vaccine mandate, ADF is looking into legal options. In the meantime, ADF has created a resource page to help pastors and church members understand the current law as it relates to religious objections to vaccine mandates.

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