2019 New Medical Missionary Training

August 1, 2019 – August 4, 2019

CMDA Headquarters - Bristol, Tennessee

“What can prepare me for all I will face in medical missions?”

Spend four days with David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics), key leaders in CMDA’s missions departments and other experienced missionaries at New Medical Missionary Training.

Your mission sending organization will give you a general orientation to missions. This conference focuses on the unique challenges and opportunities in healthcare missions overseas. This conference is for everyone who will be involved in any healthcare ministry—not just physicians and dentists! If you are married, bring your spouse. We will be covering topics that both of you need to hear—topics like the following:

  • How do I live with a sense of never finishing what “ought to” be done?
  • What will I face as a single or as a married person with a family? Where will I find friends? What about my spouse and kids? How do we survive and even thrive? I have concerns about school, adjustments, socialization and so many others.
  • What are the keys to developing and maintaining empathy, compassion, love and joy in my healthcare ministry?
  • I desire to be “holistic” but how do I minister to spiritual needs across cultures? It seems easier in the areas of the world open to the gospel, but I feel called to the unreached countries where the gospel is not welcome. How do I minister there? How do different religions view health, disease and medical care and define “healer”?
  • Have you thought about some key principles for the developing world—accessible, affordable, equitable and sustainable healthcare principles? Have you thought how these critical issues should impact your ministry?
  • What are the key ethical issues in healthcare and missions?
  • How do I become an effective healthcare team member in the culture I will be entering? Health systems in the developing world require a much greater emphasis on a health-team approach, how do I integrate?
  • How do I empower others? What are the keys to not creating dependency but to empowering communities and individuals in healthcare?
  • How do I learn and function in crucial areas for which I am not prepared? What are these areas and what are the resources to help?

Hear directly from those who are still serving in the field. They are coming just to be a resource for you.

Come and join this special time and meet others who are at the same point in their missionary careers. You will leave with new friends and be better prepared for what God has called you to do.

Registration Information

Registration and Boarding Fees (subject to slight change closer to the date):

Registration Fee – Single $375.00
Registration Fee – Couple $700.00
Food charge per child 5 yrs. and older) $ 30.00
Late registration fee after July 10, 2019 $ 50.00

Everyone is responsible to find their own lodging for this training. If you would like suggestions, contact Susan at cmm@cmda.org. Some will be staying at the Fairfield Inn, 3285 W State St, Bristol, Tennessee.     

Call: 423.574.4500

 New Medical Missionary Training August 2019 Registration Form

Venue Information

CMDA Headquarters

504 Old Jonesboro Road

Bristol, Tennessee 37621


Contact: Susan Carter, Director of CMDA’s Center for Medical Missions