CMDA 2018 Midwest Fall Conference

October 12, 2018 – October 14, 2018

Norton Shores, Michigan

The 2018 CMDA Midwest Fall Conference, at the Maranatha Bible Conference Center, offers CMDA members and their guests the opportunity to hear outstanding inspirational speakers and receive continuing education credit while enjoying the scenic eastern shores of Lake Michigan.  The combination of informal didactic sessions, group discussion, and plenty of free time for family activities, creates a refreshing investment in professional and personal renewal.

Topic: When Life Goes Dark: Finding Hope in the Midst of Burnout & Depression • Richard Winter, MD

All of us have our ups and downs usually related to the frustrations and disappointments of normal life. However, chronic anxiety and stress over time and the loss of control over our circumstances can lead to symptoms such as exhaustion, headaches, insomnia, burnout and depression.

Among healthcare professionals, more than half are struggling with burnout. Arthur Caplan, PhD, an ethicist at New York University, called the problem of burnout among physicians “an epidemic”. Among the reasons for burnout in healthcare professionals is the daily avalanche of bureaucratic tasks such as EMR’s (electronic medical records). Add to this, insurance issues, increased performance measurement, long hours and being on call nearly 24/7. And the personal toll adds to the stress, given the impact on marriages, children, and social life. One burned-out physician was quoted as saying: “I had put patients above everything else until there wasn’t anything left but a shell. I had no identity outside of being a physician.” Left untreated chronic burnout and depression can result in self-destructive behaviors such as a variety of addictions or a more tragic outcome. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, up to 400 physicians take their own lives every year, three times higher than the national average.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that burnout may be connected with depression. 15,000 physicians in 29 specialties responded to Medscape’s 2018 National Physician Burnout & Depression Report and based on that survey, 42% of physicians reported struggling with burnout, while 15% reported depression of some kind. Combined 57% of physicians are feeling burned out or depressed. According to Michael F. Myers, MD, a psychiatrist who has been specializing in the treatment of doctors for 20 years, “often clinically depressed physicians describe themselves as burned out rather than depressed.” Some researchers see burnout as part of the “continuum of depression.

Call it burnout or “depression light,” our entire western culture is struggling with it. In a 2016 study of office workers, 40% said they feel burned out.  Other research suggests that 30% of teachers suffer from burnout and 60% of elite athletes. The American Institute of Stress in New York estimates that job stress costs the United States economy $300 billion in sick-time, long-term disability and excessive job turnover.  But burnout is not just an adult issue, according to an American Psychological Association survey, during the school year American teens report stress levels higher than those reported by adults.

As a British-trained psychiatrist and author of When Life Goes Dark, our 2018 Midwest Fall Conference speaker, Richard Winter, MD, will explore the complex medical, psychological and spiritual issues surrounding depression, including the latest scientific research on the biochemical and genetic causes and examine the social and cultural factors. His presentations will remind overworked healthcare professionals vulnerable to burnout and depression that although we don’t have control over many of the stresses and pressures in work and life, we do have some control over how we react to them. We can learn good self-care, healthier thought patterns, and most of all discover hope.

Dr. Winter will also address the growing controversy over religious counseling vs. secular psychotherapy. Increasingly many patients who are members of faith communities are seeking religious counselors rather than traditional psychotherapy. He will present a model for counseling that strikes a balance between these two approaches to mental health, counseling and treatment.

Healthcare professionals will learn new coping skills and strategies for prevention and will gain new insights and competencies in identifying and screening patients for burnout and depression. Spouses will benefit from a new understanding into their own struggles with stress, burnout and depression and will find encouragement from learning how to reduce their own vulnerability and increase resilience and self-care.

Participants will enjoy lively group discussion, new ideas ready to be applied to one’s life and practice and new friendships.

Your CMDA Hosts:

Allan Harmer, Th.M., D.Min., is the Midwest Regional Director. Allan’s responsibilities with CMDA comprise an eleven-state area (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin), over 5,000 members and includes: supervising 25 full and part-time staff, leadership training among student leaders and campus advisors on over 90 medical and dental campuses; planning continuing education events; community ministry development; writing and producing resources; organizing and leading conferences and meetings; and personal counseling among doctors and students.  Allan’s doctoral emphasis: leadership, culture and organizational change.

Karen Harmer, B.SKaren assists with conference details and registration. She is a former elementary and pre-school educator and a twenty-year member of her community’s School Board. They have four grown children, nine grandchildren (two of which are twins) and reside in Noblesville, IN, a suburb of Indianapolis.

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