CMDA Thrive Tour 2022

September 29, 2022 – October 29, 2022

Join Dr. Mike Chupp, Dr. Bill Griffin and Pastor Bert Jones from CMDA headquarters on a multi-city tour for an engaging event highlighting CMDA resources Faith Prescriptions and Bridging The Gap along with an in-depth overview of the expanding, impactful ministry of CMDA across the nation.


Tools & Resources

Help a National Movement in Healthcare

Receive Support and Connection

Impact Your Community

Voice Your Influence on a National Scale

Engage With Colleagues

All event information for each location is found here:


Planned Locations:

Milwaukee, WI

Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX

Waco, TX

Houston, TX

Augusta, GA

Atlanta, GA

Sandy Cove, MD

Mike Chupp, MD, is a US Board certified General surgeon who completed his pre-med chemistry degree at Taylor University in 1984, his MD degree at Indiana University in 1988 and then completed a five-year surgery residency at Methodist Hospital of Indiana in 1993. He then joined Southwestern Medical Clinic in Berrien County, Michigan where he practiced for three years as a general surgeon and remained a partner in the practice through 2016. In 1996 Mike and his wife Pam began a 20-year career as medical missionaries with World Gospel Mission at Tenwek Hospital in southwest Kenya. There he practiced general and orthopedic surgery and served as the Medical Superintendent for many years. In September 2018 the Board of CMDA selected Mike to become the next CEO-or “Chief Encouragement Officer” -of CMDA, the position he has held since September 2019.

Rev. Bert L. Jones serves as the Director of Leadership & Church Relations for the Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA) in Bristol, TN. In this role, Bert oversees the Center for Well-being and church ministries. Bert also serves as the Chaplain of the CMDA. Since 1988 Bert has led multiple teams across the street and around the world. Bert has traveled on 5 different Continents to over 33 different countries to teach and preach the Gospel. He has engaged in Leadership development nationally and internationally throughout his ministry. He serves as the Moderator on the General Oversight Counsel (GOC) and Constitution committee for the Missionary Church USA and has served on the World Partners advisory board and the board of directors at GO International. He currently serves in an advisory capacity as “Past President” for the ministry of GO International. Bert is the author of the book “A Leadership Journal from a Leader’s Journey” published by CMDA in 2022. He also coauthored the books “Servant Leadership Proverbs” and “Leadership Proverbs” with Dr. David Stevens. Bert is also the author of “Practical Youth Ministry” published by Bristol books.

William Griffin, DDS, has been a CMDA member for almost four decades and has served as Vice President for Dental Ministries since 2019. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and received his DDS degree from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry. During his private practice career, Dr. Griffin cared for the dentally needy in serving as dental director and board chairman for the Lackey Clinic in Yorktown, Virginia. Additionally, he has enjoyed international opportunities to spread the love of Christ through serving on about 60 dental mission trips. His career in healthcare has led him to discover the strong ties between physical health and spiritual health, and he currently serves as Director of CMDA’s Faith Prescriptions video resource to help Christian caregivers share the love of Christ with their patients.