Remedy23 West

February 24, 2023 – February 25, 2023

Riverside, California

Healthcare on Mission.

Are you listening to Gods call for you to do medical missions in the US?


Less than 5% percent of Christian healthcare students and residents will leave the US to do career medical missions. This means that >95% of Christians preparing for careers in healthcare will practice some form of medicine inside the US.

 Many of you will join short-term mission trips and/or support those who do career medical missions, but most of you will practice your specialty of healthcare here at home.


 Question: Is Gods call on your life as a US healthcare professional any less vital than His call on others who will do career medical missions overseas? especially if you include “the least of these?”

 Question: What training do you plan to pursue in order to prepare yourself to be on-mission every day at the office, clinic, or hospital?

 Question: Are you listening for Gods call for you to bring the REMEDY, the hope and healing of Christ to a world in crisis, to your patients, staff and colleagues who will come to your office or clinic every day?

 REMEDY23 will challenge you to listen for Gods call on your life to serve and practice right here in your own back yard, to surround you with a community of people follow a similar calling, and provide resources to help make it all happen.

 REMEDY23 is our opportunity to minister to you to encourage and equip you to live your professional life on-mission every day.

 REMEDY23 speakers practice medical missions here in the US every day. They live on-mission and will challenge you to follow their examples. These men and women are true heroes, godly servants worthy of your attention and emulation.

California Baptist University

8432 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92504


University Setting. All rooms are in the Business Building.

Wes Ehrhart