What Others Are Saying...

“How important it is that a man or woman of influence would remain humble… such humility, we saw in your group…the humility of these brothers and sisters, is more beautiful than the splendor of dawn, the majesty in nature, the marvels of architecture, and each missionary learned from Jesus how to be His hand and His servant heart. Motto of the Baptist Medical Fellowship.”

“Most of the audience were young professionals. One thing … (which) really amazed them is when they heard how the American doctor builds up their relationship with patients. They were so touched by the doctor's honesty, kindness, sincerity and the patient-center(ed) orientation. I really love these topics such as medical ethics and professional moral principles. “...(it)really touches people's heart.”

“My most memorable encounter was meeting a young Christian man that was encouraged by our presence ... His walk with the Lord has been strengthened by our Christian love and encouragement.”

4th-Year Med Student

Stip Medical School

“I finally feel like a real medical student…someone is teaching me who truly cares”

5th-Year Med Student

Stip Medical School

“We’ve never met doctors like you. Will you stay longer and teach us more?”

Director of Medical Health

Homes, Skopje

“You’ve come back. There may be a glimmer of hope. Actually, that’s only the second time I can remember using that word.”


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