Christian Medical & Dental Associations® Membership Categories


Graduate Doctors

This membership category is reserved for those who are graduate doctors, academic, or uniformed service with a degree of MD, DO, DDS, DMD, OD, or DPM. Special discounts are offered for those in the first year of practice, uniformed services, retirees and those living or serving abroad. Spouse membership is free in conjunction with your spouse’s full annual dues payment.

Healthcare Students

Healthcare Students

This membership level is reserved for anyone pursuing a medical, dental, Ph.D. or associate health degree or anyone on a track as an undergraduate planning a career in healthcare.

Associate Professionals

Associate Professionals

This membership level is reserved for anyone involved in healthcare as a professional (including healthcare administrators) but does not have a degree of MD, DO, DDS, DMD, OD, DPM, resident or fellow. Examples of the qualifying degrees are Ph.D. in healthcare, PA, PharmD, RN, NP, etc.

Residents / Fellows

Residents / Fellows

We understand that workload and stress increase dramatically during residency and fellowship. We are here to help you keep your priorities and grow in your faith during your training years. That’s why we offer special reduced membership dues options for residents and fellows. You can choose to pay $100 annually or make a one-time dues payment of $150 to cover the entire length of your program.

A great way to stay connected to the ministry of CMDA now that you’re out of school is by joining the National Resident & Fellow Council. If you were a CMDA member as a student and would like to update your membership to resident, please contact CMDA Member Services or call Member Services at 888-230-2637.

Friends & Ministry Partners

Friends & Ministry Partners

This membership category is reserved for those individuals and organizations not involved in healthcare but wishes to support the ministry of CMDA through their partnership.

*Underwritten membership provides electronic resources instead of physical resources and other materials received by members
**Spouse membership is free in conjunction with your spouse’s full annual dues payment

Steps to Becoming a Member:


Select the application for your category of membership to begin.

Please contact CMDA Member Services if you need assistance determining your category. 888-230-2637 or


Sign the Statement of Faith.

This is your promise to uphold the core values of membership with CMDA.


If you have a CMDA account already, sign in. If not, create an account to continue.

This will allow you to access your personal profile, the CMDA Learning Center, the mobile app: CMDA Go, and member-only benefits.


Complete the three pages of the application.

Provide your information for each page titled, “Personal Information”, “Professional Information”, “Membership Information”. Click ‘Next’ at the bottom of each page to go to the next. Fields with * are required.


Once the final page titled ‘Membership Information’, is complete click the ‘Finish’ button.

The next page allows you to add your membership dues to your cart. Click ‘Add to Cart’. Then, click ‘View Cart’ or the shopping cart at the top right of the webpage.


Enter payment information and click ‘Submit Order’.

CMDA accepts all major credit cards.


Welcome to CMDA!

You will receive a welcome email from CMDA Member Services within 24 hours of receipt of your application.

Special Membership Options:

Lifetime Membership

A lifetime membership to CMDA offers extensive benefits to you as well as helps to ensure that the important work being done for healthcare continues far into the future. It provides a lifetime of opportunity and a lifetime of change.

  • You never have to worry about a dues increase again as you lock in today’s rate and will never again pay annual dues.
  • You save time spent on repetitive check writing.
  • You will receive a lifetime membership certificate and special lapel pin.
  • You experience the satisfaction of providing funding for long-term, life-changing ministries.

The rate for lifetime memberships is determined by age as shown in the chart below.


  • Age: 0-39 | $8,400
  • Age: 40-49 | $7,650
  • Age: 50-59 | $6,450
  • Age: 60-65 | $5,000
  • Age: 66+ | $2,850


  • Age: 0-39 | $2,800
  • Age: 40-49 | $2,250
  • Age: 50-59 | $1,950
  • Age: 60-65 | $1,450
  • Age: 66+ | $800

Gift Membership

Are you interested in giving a gift membership to a colleague, friend or family member? It’s a great way to honor the recipient while supporting CMDA and helping to grow the kingdom for the glory of the Lord. Give the gift that will change hearts in healthcare. If you would like to provide a gift membership to someone who isn’t a member, we will offer a 50% discount off their first year of membership. Simply provide us with the recipient’s information and we’ll handle the rest. For this program, credit card payments are required. Your card will NOT be charged until the gift recipient affirms our statement of faith and submits a membership application.

Group Membership

Group memberships are designed with practices in mind as individual practices with five or more members are eligible. There are great benefits to having a group membership, and you can also offer CMDA membership as a practice benefit to your associates.

Any practice with five or more qualifying staff members who wish to join CMDA or are current members qualifies for this discount. A qualifying staff member is defined as a degreed healthcare professional, associate health, resident or graduate practicing doctor.

  • Everyone has the same renewal date.
  • Multiple memberships are paid with one single invoice that is sent to a designated contact person, saving both your practice and your associates the trouble of dealing with individual invoices.
  • And best of all…you will receive a 25% discount off each membership rate!

Call us toll-free at 888-230-2637 to take advantage of these great membership options.

Multi-Year Membership Dues Discount

Save 10% on each year of membership dues when you pay in advance 2 years or more! This is a great option if you have employer funds you need to utilize before year end.

Automatic Renewal Discount

Eliminate receiving a membership renewal notice both electronic and paper by enrolling in automatic renewal. Not only are you being environmentally conscience and helping us be good stewards of our resources, but you will save 10% each year on membership dues. To enroll in automatic renewal please contact Member Services at 888-230-2637 and take care of payment by phone or email this form to