Republic of Northern Macedonia

February 1, 2019 – May 31, 2019

Openings for up to 50 physicians in most specialties welcome to provide clinical training in several cities in sessions lasting about 2 weeks each. These trips are now self-funded. Call for details.

Imagine you’re finishing medical school. Very soon you’ll be serving in a clinic as an apprentice. Or manning an ambulance or scratching for a residency where there are few to none. To make matters worse your training to this point has been fair…at best. You’ve had no patient care responsibility. Your clinical experience consisted of standing in a sea of other students hoping for a glimpse or a word or anything that might prepare you to care for your countrymen in a few short months. Finally, imagine you have little to no hope that your future training will be any better. You would be apprehensive…scared actually. And they are. Such are the stresses on medical school graduates in many parts of the world.

As you consider a missionary experience in 2019, would you pray about teaching senior students and new graduates how to DO MEDICINE. Come to Macedonia as a mentor, an encourager…someone who cares about their futures as young physicians. They will be grateful. And, after the lectures and bedside rounds, during coffees and after hour meals, share news of hope—the good news that will meet spiritual needs. For that they’ll be ETERNALLY grateful.

“Thank you so much for coming to teach us, Doctor Tim. This is the first time in years I’ve actually felt like a medical student…like someone actually cared.” – Lupche medical student in Stip Macedonia

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Departure: February 1, 2019

Return: May 31, 2019


Republic of Northern Macedonia


  • $150.00 – CMDA Member registration fee
  • $200.00 – Non CMDA member registration fee
  • $4.00/day – Required Emergency Evacuation Insurance fees
  • In-Country project fees vary.

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