March 10, 2019 – March 16, 2019

Egypt Light of the World Hospital Association (ELoWHA) in Cairo, Egypt to bring a team with experience in evaluating residents or credentialing and privileging to evaluate doctors applying for hospital staff privileges at ELoWHA. To prepare excellent healthcare professionals for the new hospital in Cairo. The team will spend one week onsite evaluating applicants asking for staff privileges with an oral discussion of clinical cases and visiting the applicants in their office, clinics and/or operating rooms. The team members will make recommendation to the future hospital privileging committee which will be made up of Egyptian doctors on the hospital staff for either full privileges, limited privileges or remedial training needed. Plans are for the hospital to open in late 2019 and there will then be a need for ongoing training and upgrading of staff members’ skills. Recruiting for these teams to do this training will take place after the hospital has been opened.

The time in Egypt will be just 6-7 days, with Monday-Friday being the days for evaluation of the doctors. Your only expense would be the travel to Cairo and all expenses in Egypt are covered by the ELoWHA.

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Departure: March 10, 2019

Return: March 16, 2019


Egypt Light of the World Hospital Association (ELoWHA), Cairo, Egypt


  • $150.00 – CMDA Member registration fee
  • $200.00 – Non CMDA member registration fee
  • $4.00/day – Required Emergency Evacuation Insurance fees
  • In-Country project fees vary.

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