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Our Habits Form Us

By: Tom Grosh IV, DMin

September 4, 2019

“Your mission might stand for one thing, but your habits might stand for something entirely different. Usually your habits win…Our habits form us. They form our identities, they form our loves, and thus they form our whole lives.” — Justin Whitmel Earley

On Sunday, I introduced a blog series based on a Justin Whitmel Earley’s The Common Rule: Creating Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction. While preparing my first Sunday School lesson on Justin’s publication, I came across his brand new, still in development set of teaching videos. Truly a gift not only for the class, but also for your online engagement of the material. Please join us by taking 10 minutes to watch Justin cast a vision for a Christ-centered way of life that challenges the cultural waters in which we swim.




  • In what community do you currently journey as a follower of Christ? Who in that community holds you accountable to following Christ in the daily grind?
    • If you do not have a community and/or an accountability partner, seek one out. If you’re not involved in a community, connect with another follower of Christ to join their community. If neither of you have a community, seek out a community together.
    • Note: To find a CMDA chapter near you, click here.
  • What about the author’s story resonated with you?
  • How have you experienced limitations in your life?
  • What habits form your life? Over the course of the next week, write down one personal habit you never noticed before.



We worship you with our whole being—courageously and compassionately dedicating this week to "Changing Hearts in Healthcare." Forgive us for the ways over the course of the last week and even this very day we have chosen our own way instead of the way given by your Word and Spirit. Transform us more into your image, as we were intended to be. Sustain Christ-likeness through new and deeper rhythms of loving you and neighbor with head, heart and hands. As members of the body of Christ, provide for us accountability through your people. May we be your light as you send us forth in mission as your servants.

In Christ's name,



About Tom Grosh IV, DMin

Through a decade of interactions with current and future healthcare professionals as a CMDA affiliate staff at the Penn State College of Medicine's Christian Medical Society (CMS) / CMDA, the Lord ignited in Tom Grosh IV a passion to devote his next season of ministry to transforming lives with the Gospel through healthcare. Tom brings to CMDA in South Central PA over 20 years of experience with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship / USA. Most recently he served as the Associate Director of the Emerging Scholars Network (2012-2018). His responsibilities included conferencing, digital ministries, fund development, networking, and resource development. Tom has completed a B.S. in Biology (Grove City College), a M.A. in Higher Education (Geneva College), a M.A.R. in Spiritual Formation (Evangelical Seminary), and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction (Evangelical Seminary), and a Doctor of Ministry in Ministry to Emerging Generations (Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary). He is licensed in the Brethren in Christ Church, U.S. Tom and his wife Theresa grew up in Lancaster County, PA. They met while attending Donegal High School. Currently, Tom and Theresa are active members of Elizabethtown Brethren in Christ, where they serve in a number of ministry capacities. The Lord has blessed them with four children: Hayley, Ellen, Eden, and Lily.

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