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Better Science Without the Ideology of Fetal Tissue January 10, 2019

Better Science Without the Ideology of Fetal Tissue

By David Prentice, PhD / January 10, 2019 /

The debate about use of aborted fetal tissue for research continues, usually characterized as pitting science against ideology. Dr. David Prentice explains how the characterization is accurate, but the stereotypes of who fits in the categories are not.

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The Future Today July 2, 2018

Right of Conscience

By Al Weir, MD / January 8, 2019 /

He spoke softly but confidently, without bitterness, as he described how he had been removed as chief of psychiatry at his medical university because he had voiced concern over the psychological effects of transgender transformation. It was he who had built the department from four psychiatrists to 17, and the 17 had voted him out. As I left the auditorium, another physician’s husband stopped me, “Do you know my wife may soon be incarcerated?” He then described a new bill moving through their state’s legislature that will make it a crime for physicians not to refer their pregnant patients for abortions when they ask.

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Autonomy Quickly Translates to Tyranny November 2, 2017

“Choose, You Lose” Scheme Threatens All Ethical Professionals

By Jonathan Imbody / January 3, 2019 /

In his continuing series on conscience in healthcare, Vice President for Government Relations Jonathan Imbody discusses how the rationale for conscience protections in healthcare being undermined.

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On the Side: January 2019

On the Side: January 2019

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / January 2, 2019 /

I usually fly through the process of getting rid of junk email. I zoom through each morning selecting everything that isn’t personal and then hitting the delete key – I hate having a ton of junk cluttering my inbox. But recently, an email from Fitbit caught my eye and gave me pause due to the word Italy in the subject line.

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Visual Hunt

Christian Doctor’s Digest – January 2019

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / January 2, 2019 /

The January 2019 issue of Christian Doctor’s Digest…Moral relativism is at the heart of most of our currently contentious issues relating to sexual freedom: the sanctity of life and the ordering of virtue. Also, what have we learned over the last decade about stem cells? There is enormous potential for medicine, but the debate is, “Where do we get the cells?”

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The Jones Dictum Al Weir, MD January 2, 2019

The Jones Dictum

By Al Weir, MD / January 2, 2019 /

We met for two hours and worked for the Lord—an important ministry in Christian healthcare. Our future work was time sensitive, so we scheduled a telephone conference for the nine of us. The time chosen by the committee was a night when I was on vacation with my family. As an overworking doctor, I gather all of my kids and grandkids once a year to enjoy life together. The committee’s telephone time would land during dinner on one of those vacation nights…and I have spent too many years choosing work and ministry over family. As trivial as it may seem to many who serve the Lord sacrificially, and as atypical as it has been for me in the past, I told the committee, “I won’t miss dinner with my family. I’ll join you once our fellowship is finished.”

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Merry Christmas: A Physician’s Take December 27, 2018

Merry Christmas: A Physician’s Take

By Andrè Van Mol, MD / December 27, 2018 /

Luke’s gospel gives the most complete and careful detailing of the setting, annunciation, gestation and birth of Christ, as one would expect from a person of medicine. In this week’s blog post, Dr. Andre Van Mol explores the gospel account of Christ’s birth.

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As Best I Can Al Weir, MD December 26, 2018

As Best I Can

By Al Weir, MD / December 26, 2018 /

He sat across me with a swelling on his arm, one-fifth the size it had been before. “You know you are a miracle, don’t you?” I asked. “Most people with your cancer would be in heaven now.”

“He doesn’t want to talk about heaven,” his wife answered for him.

“My brother is a preacher,” he said. “I don’t talk to him much. I’ve been good as best I can.”

“That won’t get you there,” his wife responded.

“If you love Jesus, that will get you there,” I suggested.

He changed the subject, and we finished our medical business. He really was miraculously improved.

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A Wrong Turn on the Right Path? December 20, 2018

A Wrong Turn on the Right Path?

By D. Joy Riley MD, MA (Ethics) / December 20, 2018 /

An international outcry occurred after Chinese scientist He Jiankui announced that he and his team had edited human embryos in an attempt to produce children who are resistant to HIV, cholera and smallpox. In this week’s blog post, Dr. Joy Riley explores this topic from an ethical perspective.

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Asking Al Weir, MD December 18, 2018


By Al Weir, MD / December 18, 2018 /

He had a Santa Claus beard but little hair on top. I told him, “You know, you are one of the few over 60 who has been cured of their acute leukemia.”

“Yes, I know,” he said.

“I hope you are telling folks how God has blessed you. “

“I am,” he said. “One thing I tell folks a lot is about the day my wife came in one early morning and saw the sunrise coming into the hospital. I had been having an uncontrolled fever for 10 days. She looked at the sun and prayed to God, ‘Dear God, burn it out.’ That morning after she left, I felt a deep burning inside. I fell off to sleep, harder than I had been sleeping in a long time. About 10:30 I woke up, and I was hungry, and my fever was gone and never returned.”

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“Is This Gonna Be On The Test?” December 13, 2018

“Is This Gonna Be On The Test?”

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / December 13, 2018 /

During the 2016 presidential debates, one of the big “scandals” of that season was the discovery that one of the candidates may have known beforehand some of the questions that would be asked during one particular debate. That’s, of course, problematic. It’s a lot easier to answer a question you anticipate or know is going to asked, if you have time to think about it ahead of time, especially if your opponent doesn’t have the same advantage.

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Nonconsensual Intimate Physical Examinations: Time to Stop December 13, 2018

Nonconsensual Intimate Physical Examinations: Time to Stop

By Robert E. Cranston, MD, MA (Ethics) / December 13, 2018 /

Recently, a law professor I was breakfasting with asked an interesting question, “Is it ethical to perform pelvic exams on patients who are under anesthesia without their permission?” My immediate response was a quick, “No!” and then, “That is something that was done in the distant past, but the question was settled long ago. Without permission, this would be battery, essentially rape.”

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Christmas in the Middle of a Mess December 12, 2018

Christmas in the Middle of a Mess

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / December 12, 2018 /

Christmas carols slip past the guardians of cultural sensitivities every now and then, bringing a smile to our souls in the midst of our troubled world. We remember so many times when God broke through history on the pages of His Word to make things new again. We long for a renewal in our lives and world. Sights, sounds, reflections and meditations on Christmas rekindle that hope, and we are reminded that a baby in a small-town stable marked a new beginning in which not just some but all things will one day be made new.

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“I’ve Got This.” Al Weir, MD December 11, 2018

“I’ve Got This.”

By Al Weir, MD / December 11, 2018 /

You know how it is, or, if you don’t, someday you will. Sleepless nights, where you fall asleep dead tired and awaken at 3 a.m., either to get up and read or toss until morning, begging your mind to shut off. Usually these nights are related to a financial worry, a hurting in one you love or the cumulative effect of a highly stressful week. Well, I’ve had four straight nights of this, trusting God fully in the daylight but not in my dreams. Last night, it was 3 a.m. again, wide awake, focused on the unsolvable issue, dreading my fatigue for the next day. But this time, after praying once again for God to take my burden, I fell asleep. I was running this morning when I heard God speak, in His clear, inaudible voice, “I’ve got this.”

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The Future Today July 2, 2018

Can Transgender Activism Silence Science?

By Jonathan Imbody / December 6, 2018 /

Vice President for Government Relations Jonathan Imbody discusses the lawsuit CMDA has been involved in regarding the transgender mandate, and how a new rule from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is expected soon.

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Trish Burgess, MD

Trish Burgess, MD

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / December 6, 2018 / Comments Off on Trish Burgess, MD

Medical Missions | Global Health Outreach | Human Trafficking | Team Leadership | Healthcare as a Ministry

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On the Side: December 2018

On the Side: December 2018

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / December 4, 2018 /

My 12-year-old looked at me as we approached the exit for our usual shortcut home and said “Mom, I think we should go the long way. I can’t see well enough tonight to look for deer.”

And I heard in that statement an immense pressure to keep us safe. I heard in her sweet voice, the weight of staring into the dark and straining to see any animals that might on a whim jump in front of our vehicle. And I heard in my baby girl’s voice cares that I never intended her to carry.

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Overcomers Al Weir, MD December 4, 2018


By Al Weir, MD / December 4, 2018 /

I was surprised to see his name on the schedule, as he had completed his therapy a few years ago. However, in spite of chemotherapy and radiation, his cancer had recently returned and required a laryngectomy. I was seeing him for the first time after this surgery—complicated by a stroke and a pulmonary embolus. He was not the same proud man I remembered. My first words to him were, “I am so sorry you have had such suffering with your stroke and with your voice gone. Can you overcome all of this?” He looked me in the eyes, then looked to my lapel, touched the gold cross pinned there and nodded with assurance.

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Inward Thinking July 17, 2018

The Rhythms of Life’s Stresses

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / November 29, 2018 /

As professionals in dentistry, our joy of serving our friends and community becomes a process of repeatedly greeting and warming up old friendships and occasionally rekindling lost friendships. Good dentistry is about befriending our customers, perhaps more than any modern day remaining professions. We still have our role in every responsible community member’s life, providing competent cleaning and check ups every six months (annually for the edentulous).

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Trusting Vaccines November 29, 2018

Trusting Vaccines

By Amy Givler, MD / November 29, 2018 / Comments Off on Trusting Vaccines

Worldwide, only clean water has saved more lives than vaccines. Wild smallpox has been eliminated, and polio nearly so. Twelve other major diseases that were the scourge of mankind have been controlled. So why would anyone not want to control disease? Dr. Amy Givler delves into this question in this week’s blog post on The Point.

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Christian Doctor’s Digest – December 2018 background

Christian Doctor’s Digest – December 2018

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / November 28, 2018 /

The December 2018 issue of Christian Doctor’s Digest deals with the topic of Grace and how we can apply to what is going on in our culture today. Phillip Yancey shares from his book Vanishing Grace: What Ever Happened to The Good News? as he focuses on the search for honest faith that makes a difference for a world in pain. Then Joe Gregory joins Dr. David Stevens to look back at God’s Grace that He gave to CMDA with their relationship and the growth to the organization that came through it.

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Standing Against Physician-Assisted Suicide in Family Medicine November 28, 2018

Standing Against Physician-Assisted Suicide in Family Medicine

By David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics) / November 28, 2018 /

The American Academy of Family Physicians’ (AAFP) Congress of Delegates recently voted during their annual meeting to change their Hippocratic position on assisted suicide to a position of “engaged neutrality.” In this week’s blog post, Dr. David Stevens discusses how dangerous this decision is, and what you can do to get involved.

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Bull’s Eye Living Al Weir, MD November 27, 2018

Bull’s Eye Living

By Al Weir, MD / November 27, 2018 /

I had the opportunity today to visit my friend, imprisoned outside of San Diego. As this is a government institution, it worked like the government often does, and the computerized visitation scheduling had not functioned well the week before. I arrived at 7:30 and watched other visitors line up by time slots painted in the pavement. I asked what I should do without a time assigned and they told me that they may or may not be able to get me in if I hung around until 11 or 11:30. I was due back at my conference at noon and stood there wondering if I should stay and take the chance. I remained and saw my friend.

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CDD STAT – Same-Sex Marriage CDD STAT | Marriage | Public Policy | Religious Freedom | Same-Sex Marriage

CDD STAT – Title X Family Planning Program

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / November 26, 2018 /

CDD STAT is a special edition of Christian Doctor’s Digest that is distributed when circumstances of an urgent nature occur. This is a great opportunity for you to submit a grant application to provide services through the Title X Family Planning Program. Applications are due January 14.

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Inward Thinking July 17, 2018

Assigning Motives

By Al Weir, MD / November 20, 2018 /

I have recently begun managing a patient who had originally been cared for in a distant city. Unfortunately, his cancer has returned. He now needs multiple doctors to attempt to save his arm and his life. One doctor he is seeing now was furious that the prior doctor had treated him inadequately. He actually told my patient, “You need to sue the doctor who did this.”

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Thoughts about Pain and Suffering November 15, 2018

Thoughts about Pain and Suffering

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / November 15, 2018 /

All of us suffer, to some extent, through our lifetimes. Those of you who know me know I am a quadriplegic, which limits my ability to do things, and have almost constant neuropathic pain. I have personal experience with pain and suffering, and, being an orofacial pain specialist, I also deal with it on a professional level.

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The Lure of Money November 15, 2018

The Lure of Money

By Autumn Dawn Galbreath, MD, MBA / November 15, 2018 /

In this week’s blog post, Dr. Autumn Dawn Galbreath discusses the topic of money and how easy it is to compare ourselves to others and how much more money they have than we do. How does God call us to view our possessions?

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Chipping Away the Sin

Chipping Away the Sin

By Al Weir, MD / November 13, 2018 /

I hurt a Christian friend this week. We work with shared responsibilities, and my frustration over his part in this had grown to the point that I just boiled over and listed all of his delinquencies. I was not cruel or untruthful in my delivery, but I was not kind either, and I hurt him deeply. The Lord pounded me for three days, the last one ending in a sleepless night. And then, I went to ask forgiveness.

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Christian Doctor’s Digest – November 2018 background

Christian Doctor’s Digest – November 2018

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / November 12, 2018 /

In this month’s podcast, Dr. David Stevens is first joined by Cary Summers, the president of Museum of the Bible. Next, he interviews author Christopher Yuan about his new book Holy Sexuality and the Gospel.

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Techno-Babies: Some Assembly Required? November 10, 2016

Treating Patients or Creating New Patients with Technology

By David Prentice, PhD / November 8, 2018 /

In this week’s blog post, Dr. David Prentice discusses how emerging technologies offer opportunities for development of useful therapeutic interventions, but they can also offer temptations to rush ahead with risky, scientifically unproven and ethically questionable applications.

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Rushing Waters Al Weir, MD November 7, 2018

Rushing Waters

By Al Weir, MD / November 7, 2018 /

I awoke Monday morning planning within the week to teach a Bible study on our personal testimony for Christ. As I stood in front of the mirror, shaving, I realized what a poor witness for Christ I have been, at least in words. So, for the entire week, when I was with my patients, I intentionally listened for the Holy Spirit, asking Him that I might bring up the name of Jesus at least once. Though God has used me for personal witness in the past, He did not this week in words that I could recognize, or else, I chose not to hear Him.

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Conscience Freedoms Protect Against Ideological Agendas April 5, 2018

The Pursuit of Truth—Not Politics—Should Guide Research

By Jonathan Imbody / November 5, 2018 /

The contentious confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh mirrored a less outwardly raucous, though equally intense, conflict in the scientific and research community. Our country, our culture and the scientific community appear at a crossroads. We are determining the extent to which objectivity, evidence and reason—as opposed to bias, ideology and emotion—will shape our conclusions and our policies.

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On the Side: November 2018

On the Side: November 2018

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / November 5, 2018 /

Water is wonderful, glorious stuff. Being from the Gulf Coast originally, I now chafe a bit at my adopted (but sadly landlocked) Nebraska. The only water I can get in here year-round is chlorinated; but I am happy to do that. And every time I find myself up to my elbows in it, trudging from one side of the pool to the other, I try and thank God for creating this beautiful, amazing wet stuff. It simultaneously buoys me up and resists my movements. It also provides many opportunities for me to improve and challenge myself. It is just what I need.

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Take Time to Rejoice and Be Glad October 30, 2018

Take Time to Rejoice and Be Glad

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / October 30, 2018 /

One of my fondest memories is singing Psalm 118:24 with my mom on the way to daycare: “This is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made, that the Lord has made. We will rejoice, we will rejoice and be glad in it and be glad in it.”

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Numb Feet Christian Medical & Dental Associations® October 30, 2018

Numb Feet

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / October 30, 2018 /

Dennis is a neurologist in the Northwest with numb feet. About 15 years ago, he was in Hawaii, body surfing with boogey boards. He was using one of his kid’s broken boards. Coming in on a big wave, he nailed the beach with his head, pinching his cord against his spine. Under water he realized, “I’m paralyzed.”

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The Future Today July 2, 2018

Benchmarks in the Battle

By Andrè Van Mol, MD / October 25, 2018 /

Early this year Dr. Andre Van Mol found himself transitioning from 23 years of solo family practice to employment by a big company, which is enough change for any season. Then came the request to help small teams fight big bills in his state capital of Sacramento, California.

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Photo: Unsplash

The Learning Cliff

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / October 24, 2018 /

Have you ever had that feeling when you walk into a room and stand there for a few seconds and you have not the slightest recollection as to why you walked into that room? But you know, by golly, you know it was something very important and you look around as a minute or two passes.

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Useful Prayer, June 5, 2018

Where’s the Oil?

By Al Weir, MD / October 23, 2018 /

My friend was stuck at home with a history of strokes that had left him with fair cognition but difficulty ambulating. I ran by today to check on him and had a mostly cogent time of catching up. As we looked back on the mistakes of our youth, we voiced our mutual gratitude that Jesus has forgiven us. My friend, who may be closer to heaven than I, began to talk about Jesus returning. “One day Jesus will come, and he will be sitting across this table from us. I can hear him saying, ‘Didn’t I tell you so?’” Then he added, “That’ll be the day we should have got it right the day before.”

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10/17/2018 POINT BLOG

What’s in a Name?

By D. Joy Riley MD, MA (Ethics) / October 18, 2018 /

In this week’s blog post, Dr. Joy Riley discusses how verbiage makes a big difference in how physician-assisted suicide is promoted and transformed to make it more palatable to the general population.

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Born Again Christian October 16, 2018

Born Again Christian

By Al Weir, MD / October 16, 2018 /

My fellow saw the patient first and showed me the medical records that came with her, written by the doctor to whom she was first referred. “Patient desires to see a doctor who is a born-again Christian. I believe it is not best for me to manage her case. I will refer her to Dr. ____.” When I sat down in the room with the patient, as my fellow looked on, the husband spoke first, “Before we get started, I need to ask you a question, because it is important to us, ‘Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?’” It was easy to answer, “I certainly have.”

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Dementia Window

Christian Doctor’s Digest – October 2018

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / October 15, 2018 /

In this month’s podcast, Dr. David Stevens interviews Dr. John Dunlop, M.D. and Dr. Wendy Kang, M.D., JD.

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On the Side: October 2018

On the Side: October 2018

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / October 8, 2018 /

It wasn’t the first time I had endured it, but it was the first time we named it, claimed it and fought. Glory to God. The remainder of those four years in medical school were beautiful.

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Photo: Unsplash

Intolerance of Conscience Threatens Diversity in Medicine

By Jonathan Imbody / October 4, 2018 /

In his continuing series on conscience in healthcare, Jonathan Imbody shares about a recent conference he attended with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on religious freedom and how that impacts CMDA student chapters around the country.

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Scared to Life October 2, 2018

Scared to Life

By Al Weir, MD / October 2, 2018 /

I was seeing him for his third melanoma. Each one before had been cured by surgery and this one was also likely to turn out well. He looked at me and remarked, “It was the first one that really frightened me.” His wife added, “But, it brought him to the Lord.” “That’s wonderful,” I said. “Yep, it scared the hell out of him.”

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New Chinese Study Opens Ethical Can of Worms October 19, 2017

Cloning Dollars

By David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics) / September 27, 2018 /

Cloning is an extremely lucrative business that has become more efficient. In today’s blog post, Dr. David Stevens explores this topic and shares what the Bible says about cloning, as well as the moral and ethical implications of this rising business.

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Wearing the Cross September 25, 2018

Wearing the Cross

By Al Weir, MD / September 25, 2018 /

I am not an overtly religious person. I prefer to enter quiet conversations that lead to discussions of our Savior. I don’t like wearing my faith on a lapel…until recently. We were attending a CMDA event in Raleigh-Durham when Dr. Craig Fowler handed out gold crosses. I looked to see if he was wearing one and he was. He challenged us to put them on our own lapels. It now rests each day on the left lapel of my white coat and I am impressed that it has more likely changed me than affected the folks around me.

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Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and courage to change the things I can… September 20, 2018

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change and courage to change the things I can…

By Autumn Dawn Galbreath, MD, MBA / September 20, 2018 /

How do you feel when it’s time to get ready for work? Are most mornings full of excitement about which patients are on your schedule and what you have to offer them? Or are most mornings filled with dread? If it’s the latter, you are not alone.

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Death’s Sting September 18, 2018

Death’s Sting

By Al Weir, MD / September 18, 2018 /

He called me after a conference on the West Coast where I had shared the time I was 33 years old, headed for the mission field, and experienced nights with a cold-sweating-fear-of-death. He asked for advice. He too is a follower of Christ who now fears death.

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New Study on Sexual Orientation Change Efforts August 23, 2018

Christian Doctor’s Digest – September 2018

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / September 15, 2018 /

In this month’s podcast, Dr. David Stevens interviews Dr. Stan Haegert about burnout prevention for healthcare professionals. Then he’s joined by Joni Eareckson Tada, the founder and CEO of Joni and Friends.

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Gene Editing to Make Better Human Beings? September 14, 2017

The Quality Control of Life

By David Prentice, PhD / September 13, 2018 /

Manufacturing industries routinely do quality control on their products, testing them to be certain the items being produced meet certain specifications. Any flawed products, those that do not meet the required specifications, are discarded. But what if that same mindset were applied to human beings?

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Useful Prayer, June 5, 2018

The Lack in Our Lives

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / September 11, 2018 /

He came to me in his early 50s for a routine checkup, but with unintentional weight loss. He laughed it off saying, “When there’s not a lot of food in the house, you tend to lose weight.” I returned to this comment at the end of his visit, “Do you really not have enough food to keep your weight up?” He admitted that a recent relapse in his bipolar disorder had put him through some hard times. He then agreed he would take home some leftovers from our office’s stock of drug company lunches. After I told my family about my patient’s plight, they felt for this man’s need, and we began dropping off groceries at his apartment and mailing him gift cards for grocery stores. Eventually, he invited us to his special events, and he started joining us at church. We had lunches out and opportunities to speak about the Lord as our friendship developed. He was interested in our help and our friendship, but he made it clear he did not feel the need for Jesus “just yet.”

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On the Side: September 2018

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / September 11, 2018 /

We were at the pediatrician for my triplets’ 1-year-old well-baby visit. Dr. M looked at me and asked how the babies were enjoying solid food.

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Not Your Mother’s Family Planning Program

By Jonathan Imbody / September 6, 2018 /

In this week’s blog post, Jonathan Imbody shares how several federal grants awarded under a recent Title X funding opportunity illustrator the current White House Administration’s determination to ensure that faith-based and pro-life clinics, hospitals, pregnancy centers and sexual risk avoidance programs get a fair and legal chance to compete for federal funding.

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Martha, Martha September 4, 2018

Martha, Martha

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / September 4, 2018 /

Lord, You made me and know my heart and my anxious thoughts. Please help me to live dependent on you for everything, always at your peaceful pace, surrendered to your perfect timing and will. Amen.

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Pills tumbling from bottle into open hand

Opioids: A Brief History

By Amy Givler, MD / August 30, 2018 /

In this week’s blog post, Dr. Amy Givler shares the story of how opioids became a problem in every community in America, including yours. And it is the story of how opioid addiction has overwhelmed and devastated some communities, maybe yours.

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Stress and Health

Stress and Health

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / August 28, 2018 /

It was her third visit for the same GI issue, and despite a thorough evaluation and several attempts at medical therapies, there was no improvement in her symptoms. I was just about to begin my discussion with, “So, tell me, what is your stress level?” when the patient quietly and somewhat ashamedly asked, “Do you think this has anything to do with stress?” It was easy for me to answer, “Absolutely, what’s going on?” She then spilled out her story of an affair with a married man that she knew was wrong and was “eating her up inside.” We talked and prayed together and she left that visit determined to break off the affair. With her next visit I was not surprised to see how her symptoms had nearly resolved.

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Growing into Childlikeness August 23, 2018

Growing into Childlikeness

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / August 23, 2018 /

One of my favorite literary works beyond the Bible is a poem called “Footprints.” There is a great message about God and His help during our hour of need. More specifically, it is a dialogue between a man and God, and the two are on a beach reviewing the man’s life. In that conversation, the man questions God about His absence during his times of need. That was because the man only saw one set of footprints in the sand. However, God responded, and like a loving father speaking to His son with love and gentle correction, He informed the man that it was during those times that He carried him. God had a similar conversation with the people of Israel in the book of Deuteronomy when He reminded His people, through Moses, of the life that He saved them from.

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Speechless August 21, 2018


By Al Weir, MD / August 21, 2018 /

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness’” (2 Corinthians 12:9a, NIV 1984).

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Genome Editing: Social and Ethical Issues August 16, 2018

Genome Editing: Social and Ethical Issues

By D. Joy Riley MD, MA (Ethics) / August 16, 2018 /

On July 17, 2018, the Nuffield Council released its report on “Genome Editing and Human Reproduction: Social and Ethical Issues.” The report lists several situations in which genome editing would be desired in order to have a genetically related child who did not have a given condition. Dr. Joy Riley discusses the ethical concerns raised by this report.

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D. Joy Riley, MD, MA (Bioethics)

D. Joy Riley, MD, MA (Bioethics)

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / August 15, 2018 / Comments Off on D. Joy Riley, MD, MA (Bioethics)

Medical Ethics | Bioethics | Informed Consent | Physician-Assisted Suicide | Rights of Conscience

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Useful Prayer, June 5, 2018

Christian Doctor’s Digest – August 2018

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / August 15, 2018 /

In the August 2018 edition of Christian Doctor’s Digest…

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Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / August 13, 2018 /

During our time in Kenya, I made a number of observations about diabetes care. Jeff Jackson, MD.

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Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing


By Robert E. Cranston, MD, MA (Ethics) / August 9, 2018 /

In medicine, patients and families want to know diagnoses, therapies, risks, benefits and side effects of proposed treatment options. At times the thing they most want to know is what is likely to happen to themselves or their loved ones based on possible interventions. This, however, may be the most difficult answer to give people.

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Missions: Three-Legged Stool August 7, 2018

Missions: Three-Legged Stool

By Al Weir, MD / August 7, 2018 /

“That evening after sunset, the people brought to Jesus all the sick and demon-possessed. The whole town gathered at the door, and Jesus healed many who had various diseases…” (Mark 1:32-34, NIV 1984).

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On the Side: August 2018

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / August 6, 2018 /

This time of year, many of us in the medical world find ourselves moving from one place to another; following our doctor husbands to new training programs, residencies, fellowships or careers. June and July are the months of the annual migration of doctors, which creates a lot of packing and unpacking of boxes.

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Photo: Pixabay

Hitler’s Adversary Challenges Us to Public Square Engagement

By Anne Foster / August 2, 2018 /

In this week’s blog post, Government Relations Fellow Anne Foster explores how the story of German philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand offers an example for Christians to engage in the public square.

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Marijuana: Profits, Politics and Popularity Over People August 1, 2018

Marijuana: Profits, Politics and Popularity Over People

By James Avery, MD / August 1, 2018 /

When it comes to medical marijuana, many people prefer profits, politics and popularity over people. And physicians are not exempt. In this special blog post, Dr. James Avery explores the current movement of medical marijuana and how physicians need to actively confront the view held by so many that marijuana is a safe, natural and weak hallucinogenic.

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The Next Goal July 31, 2018

The Next Goal

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / July 31, 2018 /

I have personally lived my life pursing one goal after another. I doubt I am alone in this mindset. Maybe it is the goal of attaining high grades, getting into dental school, graduating dental school, getting married and having children by a certain age, buying a practice and becoming a practice owner, having certain possessions (car, boat, house etc.), being the dentist everyone likes, attaining a certain bonus and the list goes on. Once we have attained a goal, we are often looking and striving to attain a bigger goal.

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Oil Bubbles July 31, 2018

Oil Bubbles

By Al Weir, MD / July 31, 2018 /

Charles called me last night and asked me to stop by his apartment on my way home from the hospital. I had helped him through a difficult health issue, and he is also a friend who has taught me much about Christian prayer and service. More than anyone I have known, he has an ear for God’s whisper coupled with the inclination to follow. He has brought the presence and gospel of Jesus to hundreds of lives through unknown and unremembered acts of kindness and grace.

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Why Do You Follow Jesus? July 24, 2018

Why Do You Follow Jesus?

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / July 24, 2018 /

These are answers I hear a lot: The Bible says so. I grew up in a Christian home. I had an experience with God. But we are told our lives will be more difficult. That does not sound good. There will be a reward, but not necessarily in this lifetime. Jesus is not always a “nice guy.” Do we want to believe what is pleasant and easy, do we want to believe what is true? Even though I don’t like my phone bill, I know it is true. Jesus claimed He is the Son of God in Mark 14:62. Why should we believe Him?

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The Only Way July 24, 2018

The Only Way

By Al Weir, MD / July 24, 2018 /

We were seated in a closed circle, mostly Albanian students, a few followers of Christ and many who were not. We had been discussing healing and the nature of healing by God. The conversation was sporadic. And then a red headed medical student turned to my daughter, a nurse, and said to her, “You Americans don’t understand. You grew up with Christianity and became Christians because your families were Christian. We in Albania had no religion; it was illegal for over 50 years. Now, everywhere we look, we have someone telling us that theirs is the only way to God. Who are we to believe? I would rather just believe in God and not divide everyone by different labels of religion.”

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Family vs. Physician July 19, 2018 by Autumn Dawn Galbreath, MD, MBA

Family vs. Physician

By Autumn Dawn Galbreath, MD, MBA / July 19, 2018 /

How do you feel when you have a patient who is also a physician? Or a patient whose close family member is a physician? I have been pondering this idea as I explained some medical information to several family members. In what ways can I be helpful to the situation, and where do I want to avoid making more work for the doctor caring for my family?

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Inward Thinking July 17, 2018

Inward Thinking

By Al Weir, MD / July 17, 2018 /

I may have hurt a man a few months ago. Due to my inadequate supervision of a resident, we delayed following up on a positive CT scan. I saw him this week and told him of the mistake and sent his chart out for peer review. Since I discovered the error, I have been worried, mostly for myself, my reputation, my job, etc. This morning, as I was stretching out my morning stiffness and despairing over the possible harm to my career, I realized my concerns were misplaced. Here was a man whom I might have injured and I am only concerned with the way my mistake affects my own life. I refocused my prayers on my patient, for whom Jesus died.

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Christian Doctor’s Digest – July 2018

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / July 15, 2018 /

Dr. David Stevens is joined by Nancy Pearcey, the author of the newly released book Love Thy Body. Next, he chats with Dr. Steve and Rita Mainini about CMDA’s Marriage Enrichment Weekends.

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New Chinese Study Opens Ethical Can of Worms October 19, 2017

An Embryo by Any Other Name

By David Prentice, PhD / July 12, 2018 /

Some recent stories illustrate the continuing obsession, by some in the scientific community, with trying to make embryos in a way that “gets around” the ethical and legal barriers erected to protect young human life. Dr. David Prentice explores these recent attempts.

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Flying Loaves July 10, 2018

Flying Loaves

By Al Weir, MD / July 10, 2018 /

Dr. Clydette Powell is a wonderful physician in Christ who has been recently overwhelmed with responsibilities, in part due to her loving care of her 90-year-old mother who has been very ill. Clydette sent the following incident out to friends by email and gave me permission to share.

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Autonomy Quickly Translates to Tyranny November 2, 2017

New Federal Rule Protects Conscience and Opens the Door to Pro-Life Family Planning Programs

By Jonathan Imbody / July 5, 2018 /

In this week’s blog post, Jonathan Imbody shares about a new proposed federal rule that, if finalized after a public comment period ending July 31, will allow pro-life medical professionals and programs to finally take advantage of family planning grants opportunities.

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Good Witness

By Al Weir, MD / July 3, 2018 /

My wife’s sister had a severe bout of pneumonia recently, and she is living with us for a few weeks while she recuperates. God bless my wife. The two of them are as different as rice and coal. They drive each other crazy, and my wife often is heavily weighed down by her sister’s actions and lack of appreciation. She was crying with me about this one morning recently. I came home that evening and she said she and her sister had talked. “The first thing I said to her was, ‘Do you know that you will have eternal life when you die?’” What seems an abrupt and unnatural question to me, given the circumstances, led to a wonderful time of renewal both of personal faith and of sisterly love.

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The Future Today July 2, 2018

The Future Today

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / July 2, 2018 /

All of us entertain questions about the future. About our lives. About our practices. Where will I be in five years? Where will my practice be? Should I invest in a cone beam at this time? When will I be able to identify the right associate for my practice? These are all excellent questions.

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HIV Education and How Not To Do It

By Andrè Van Mol, MD / June 28, 2018 /

A few landmines are lurking in the field of our state’s educational laws. California Education Code 51931 “definitions” section details that only “medically accurate” information can be taught. Seemingly fair enough. Also, Code 51933 states: “(4) Instruction and materials shall not reflect or promote bias against any person on the basis of any category protected by Section 220.

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Stairway Love, June 26, 2018

Stairway Love

By Al Weir, MD / June 26, 2018 /

We were in their country, not ours. The hotel was bustling with students, local Christian doctors, American physicians, dentists and nurses—rapid movement in all directions, a controlled chaos shepherding hundreds toward a life with Jesus. Randy, an American dentist, was moving through the crowds when he noticed one of the students seemed distressed. She was one who had been most outspoken against the gospel. Randy spoke to her and discovered her grandfather was very ill. He placed his arm around the girl and asked if he might pray for her. There on the stairs of the busy hotel, Randy sat with his arm around the student and prayed.

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New Chinese Study Opens Ethical Can of Worms October 19, 2017

The Rise of Blastoids

By D. Joy Riley MD, MA (Ethics) / June 21, 2018 /

Dr. Joy Riley raises several ethical questions introduced by the production of “blastoids,” embryo-like structures from stem cells in a recent study.

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Faith Gender

Christian Doctor’s Digest – June 2018

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / June 15, 2018 /

In this month’s podcast, Dr. David Stevens chats with Dr. Walt Larimore about how to build a spiritual team in your practice, as well as about Grace Prescriptions. Next, Dr. Ryan Anderson joins him as he shares about his new book When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment.

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By Al Weir, MD / June 12, 2018 /

It is my determined habit to give to beggars. The first time I walked past the beggar at the entrance to Mother Theresa Hospital, I placed a $5 bill in his hand, though it was not the local currency. When I completed my hospital work and walked back to the hotel, I watched the beggar’s handler as he held the bill up to the light to be certain it was legitimate. The next day I walked the same route and a new beggar was there. I leaned over and placed some money into her hand. Two Albanian women were walking by, headed to visit their family members in the hospital. As I left the beggar with the money, I heard both women exclaim, “Zot e mire.”

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Useful Prayer, June 5, 2018

Useful Prayer

By Al Weir, MD / June 5, 2018 /

I know God heals, and I often pray with those who are severely ill. But I rarely pray for the impossible in fully sincere ways, with my personal experience that God is very selective with His miracles. With Daryl I did pray sincerely, in full faith. He was at the end of our possible therapies and still worsening in his illness. I placed my hands upon his shoulder and called upon God to heal him. I did not use the escape clause, “If it is your will.” I left the room expecting the impossible. That was two weeks ago. Today, while in Albania on a mission trip, I received word of Daryl’s death.

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Heart Pathways May 29, 2018

Heart Pathways

By Al Weir, MD / May 29, 2018 /

We were in the hospital, dedicating a conference center to Dr. Bill Johnson, the founder of Albanian Health Fund (AHF), a partner ministry with CMDA’s Medical Education International. AHF had contributed money to refurbish the center. The rector, the dean, our AHF president and Bill Johnson’s daughter were seated at the podium. The dean detailed all the services and doctors AHF had brought to Albania over the last 25 years. The rector then spoke briefly and from his heart, “I remember 1997, when there was so much trouble in Albania. Albanians were leaving. The airport was lined with guns and tanks for protection. The plane landed and Bill Johnson stepped off the plane with his team. When everyone else was deserting us, Bill Johnson was coming to help.”

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Council on Judicial and Ethical Affairs

By David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics) / May 24, 2018 /

Compassion & Choices uses every trick in the book to get physician-assisted suicide legalized in individual states, and they never give up. They fund polling with leading questions in the vein of, “Would you like to die in terrible pain hooked up to a machine by doctors who won’t let you die or should physicians aid you in dying?” They then tout the results as overwhelming support for the legalization of physician-assisted suicide to the media and anyone else who will listen.

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Emptiness Inside May 22, 2018

Emptiness Inside

By Al Weir, MD / May 22, 2018 /

Dr. Ron Yee was seated next to Monica as she led the small group discussion in another language. He understood very little, but occasionally Monica would lean over and describe the conversation. One girl was particularly vocal in defense of scientific humanism, denying the possibility of God. As we were leaving her country, Monica came to Ron and told him the same girl approached her at the end of the conference and told her, “I have an emptiness inside. Do you?” to which Monica answered, “No, I have Jesus inside.”

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Trans Flag

Christian Doctor’s Digest – May 2018

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / May 15, 2018 /

In this month’s episode…

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Joy May 15, 2018


By Al Weir, MD / May 15, 2018 /

Ramazan was sitting on a sea side chair when I returned from my early morning jog on the beach at Durres, Albania. I had offered to wait for him, but he had been up late the night before and missed our appointment. I asked him if he would still like to run a couple of miles and we did so slowly. The run gave me the chance to ask him, “Are you any closer to following Christ?” He said he was not quite there. As we were walking into the hotel I asked him, “If you could have one thing in life, what would that be?” He answered, “I guess it would be happiness.” “What does happiness mean to you?” “You know, more good things happen to me than bad.” “Do you know what joy is?” I asked.

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Speechless August 21, 2018

Bouncing Thoughts

By Al Weir, MD / May 8, 2018 /

I have a good friend who is a phenomenal personality. He is an excellent, hard-working doctor with a beautiful and talented wife. Together they serve the Lord faithfully. Not only is he better looking and more fun than I am, he has the gift of evangelism. People listen to him when he presents the gospel, and God touches those listeners in a special way with His Spirit. It’s an honor and blessing to be his friend and to watch God work through him. On a recent mission together, a moment of envy tried to enter the cracks in my spiritual amour. Thanks to my friend’s wife, I bounced away that thought of envy and moved forward as God’s team in His service with His transformative power, less hindered by my sinful nature.

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Autonomy Quickly Translates to Tyranny November 2, 2017

Abortion and Sex Issues Incite Opposition to Conscience Freedom Rule

By Jonathan Imbody / May 2, 2018 /

his is the eighth in a series of on conscience in healthcare, by Jonathan Imbody, Vice President for Government Relations for the Christian Medical Association and Director of Freedom2Care. To find more from the series, visit or

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Hard Work May 1, 2018

Hard Work

By Al Weir, MD / May 1, 2018 /

I received a letter this week with no return address: “Dear Dr. ___, You saved my life 25 years ago. I would love to see you again. I live in Miami and sometimes visit Memphis. Lost my husband in 2001 and moved away. Love and blessings.” I had forgotten, but now I remember her well.

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A Review of “Sexual Orientation Change Efforts, Professional Psychology, and the Law”

By Andrè Van Mol, MD / April 25, 2018 /

An an article released in the BYU Journal of Public Law, Dr. Christopher Rosik examines the history of sexual orientation change effort/therapy (SOCE) bans and what they reveal about the interplay of professional psychology, political advocacy and cultural change. In this blog post, Dr. Andre Van Mol reviews his findings and how these bans affect healthcare professionals.

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Processes April 24, 2018


By Al Weir, MD / April 24, 2018 /

Jason was doing well. His exam was fine and he had no new symptoms. I asked him if he needed any prescriptions. When he said he was good with those, I told him “I’m glad you are doing so well. See you in two months.” He replied, “Am I not going to get my treatment today?” I had totally forgotten his two-month maintenance dose of immunotherapy.

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Financial Arrangements: Who is My Neighbor? April 17, 2018

Financial Arrangements: Who is My Neighbor?

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / April 17, 2018 /

Faith and money. Suggesting principles for integrating the two can be both challenging and easily misunderstood. When it comes to one’s personal approach to these matters, devout and studious believers are all over the map as to what the Bible teaches. However, we can all agree, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows” (1 Timothy 6:10, NKJV).

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Truth April 17, 2018


By Al Weir, MD / April 17, 2018 /

I sat across from my lifetime friend. I now see him about once a year when he flies in from Colorado to visit his mother. He had experienced an especially difficult year and was having anxiety problems, possibly related to a concussion he sustained when he crashed his skateboard into a car last November. I had been praying for God to show me the words to share Christ with him. Yesterday those words never came. Today as we discussed his anxiety, I offered, “I don’t think you will ever be whole again without Jesus Christ.” His reply was rapid, “I know that is your truth and my mother’s truth, but it is not my truth. My truth is different; I’m on a different pathway.”

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Christian Doctor’s Digest – April 2018

By Christian Medical & Dental Associations® / April 15, 2018 /

In this month’s episode, Dr. David Stevens first interviews Dr. Omari Hodge, a family medicine physician, about current race relations in the U.S. Next, he chats with Dr. Bill Brown, Senior Fellow of Worldview and Culture at the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, on the topic of today’s worldview.

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How We Got Where We Are: Same-Sex Reproduction

By Robert E. Cranston, MD, MA (Ethics) / April 12, 2018 /

In the realm of sexual reproduction, the idea of in vitro fertilization, a technological (and for many an ethical) impossibility years ago, is now commonplace. And, as foreseen in the futuristic movie Gattaca, it may someday become the standard method of reproduction.

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The Risen Shepherd April 10, 2018

The Risen Shepherd

By Al Weir, MD / April 10, 2018 /

I prayed this morning for a pastor friend of mine who now leads a church in Western Tennessee. He called me tonight and told me his father came to his Easter service today. When he saw his father walk into the sanctuary, my friend was so overwhelmed that he had to leave the stage for the bathroom where he cried his heart out. As he preached, he watched the tears flow from his father’s eyes. After 15 years as a pastor, this was the first time his father had ever come to hear him preach. I prayed earlier this week for a young man who lives in the Balkans, a medical student to whom we have been witnessing for three years through friendship and heartfelt conversations. I received word tonight that this young man came to accept Christ as his Savior today. This was a good Easter.

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