February 22, 2017
Perspective… February 22, 2017

by Ken Jones

God is very wise, When He decided it was time for “time” to begin, He divided life into bite sized pieces—seconds and minutes, moments for living—each identical in length to all the others, yet each totally unique.

And He strung those moments together in a line.

When the line was sixty minutes long, He tied a knot and said, “Enough. Sixty minutes are long enough for every hour.” And He began to measure again. Another sixty minutes; another hour; another knot.

Twenty- four times God measured, and tied; and there was evening, and there was morning, before he stopped and called it a day.

The very wise God tied one day to the next until He had wrapped up a seven-day week, each day with its own beginning and ending, each week with its own measure of grace and provision and light.

And He said, “This is good.”

Since the very beginning, it has been so. The Infinite Creator has set into motion a parade of days, each one following the other, each one filled with unexpected, unannounced events. Even though every day is the same length, no two are ever alike.

Some days are filled with so much happiness and delight, we may hope they will never end.

But they do.

Some days contain so much sorrow, or frustration, or brokenness that we think they will never end.

But they do.

Life passes by, a day at a time, like some transient on the way to parts unknown, or like a traveler who happens by, stopping for a drink of water and a bite of food at some nameless wide spot in the road before continuing his trek.

Disappointments and failures. Victories and triumphs. They’re all a part of life. Each day holds its own mysteries; knots that get tangled; joys and challenges and sorrows that Jesus wants to help us sort out.

Christian coaches serve as ‘encouragers,’ helping their clients look to God every day in faith. Sometimes, we coach about direction in life, or ‘what next?’ kinds of issues. Sometimes, there are no words to really describe how difficult or challenging a situation might be. Coaches can be great resources for processing, defining, strategizing, identifying.

The challenge for all of us, of course, is that life comes along one day at a time, one moment at a time. We experience those moments, live them, survive them, enjoy them, try to understand them in the grand scope and scheme of things.

The one thing we all have to know, however, is that we mustn’t get too overwhelmed or overjoyed with those daily experiences, because life’s a lot like the manna of old. Each moment will have its own measure of grace and provision and light…but each can only be gathered one day at a time. Coaching is a great tool for sorting out, and gaining…perspective.

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