Dentist to Missionary – Michael O’Callaghan, DDS


Michael O’Callaghan shares about the journey the Lord has taken him on as he has gone from dentist to missionary training pastors around the globe.

About Our Guest

Dr. Michael O’Callaghan graduated from the University of Detroit Dental School in 1981, then started a solo family dental practice in SW Michigan.  He and his wife Margaret have had the joy of serving the Lord in various capacities in the local church and in parachurch ministries.

In 2006, Dr. O’Callaghan served on his first Global Health Outreach (GHO) medical-dental mission trip.  Since then, he has served with GHO in various locations, as well as leading GHO teams to Nicaragua, India, Cambodia and Indonesia. Along that faith journey, God opened and closed various doors.  In 2015, the Lord clearly directed them to sell their busy family dental practice to be available for full-time service. They started a 501c3, Discipleship Training Institute for all nations. The Lord graciously opened up opportunities to train many indigenous pastors and church leaders.  In 2019, they began a four-year theological training program for rural pastors with indigenous church leaders in Cambodia. Dr. O’Callaghan and Margaret look forward to continuing their international ministry as God so leads.

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