Jeff Amstutz, DDS: Dental Residency + Program


Jeff Amstutz, DDS, discusses the CMDA Dental Residency + program, which is preparing a generation of dental disciples to go throughout the United States and the World providing excellent quality dental care to the poor in the name of Jesus.

About Our Guest

Jeff Amstutz

Jeffrey D. Amstutz, DDS, MBA, is a graduate of Case Western Reserve University and its School of Den­tal Medicine and completed an MBA at Kent State University. Following ten years of dental practice in the United States, the Amstutz family was called to Africa where Jeff opened a dental clinic in Gabon, established a program to train Gabonese dental technicians and launched a mobile ministry to reach remote villages. They also served in Mali at the Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children and in Senegal. He joined Christian Medical & Dental Associations in 2012 as the Vice President for Dental Ministries and served in that role through 2018.

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