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Christian Medical Association on NY, VA Late-term Abortion Legislation: Medically and Morally Bankrupt


For Immediate Release-Feb. 4, 2019

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Washington, DC—February 4, 2019 - The Christian Medical Association (CMA,, the nation's largest faith-based association of doctors, today condemned New York's new law allowing abortions up until delivery and Virginia's similar legislation as "medically unnecessary" and "morally bankrupt."

CMA Executive Vice President Dr. Mike Chupp noted, "This is where the deceptive devaluing of human life leads. Abortion advocates began by saying a developing baby is just a 'blob of tissue'—ignoring the scientific evidence of ultrasound images that show us babies with beating hearts moving in the womb. Abortion advocates said a woman has the right to control her own body—ignoring the inalienable right to life of the second little body in her care. And now they say that no one can restrict abortion even at the point of birth—ignoring how utterly repulsive this is to the American people. This position is based upon lie after lie after lie and is morally bankrupt."

CMA Senior Vice President Dr. Gene Rudd, an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, added, "Any physician who ascribes to the Hippocratic oath pledges to protect patients and to not perform an abortion. As an OB/Gyn physician, I recognize that in a pregnancy, I have two patients—the pregnant mother and the developing baby. If a pregnancy needs to come to an end in the late months, the only reason to do an abortion is to produce a dead baby. Otherwise, a delivery can be accomplished. Has our society become so heartless that we will condone the killing of babies capable of living apart from their mothers?"

CMA VP for Government Relations Jonathan Imbody added, "Abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood—a billion-dollar business that rakes in over half a billion tax dollars while performing nearly a third of a million abortions every year—are radicalizing legislatures across the country. They are using their immense profits from immoral actions to elect and control politicians nationwide. Those politicians are so beholden to and entrenched in the abortion lobby that they will support and even celebrate legislation that a huge majority of Americans find gut-wrenchingly abhorrent. Remember this next time you go to the polls."

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