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Freedom of Speech Censorship by YouTube

Bristol, Tenn., June 22, 2020Freedom of speech, or only freedom of speech when YouTube agrees with you? Today, Christian Medical & Dental Associations ( sent a letter by fax and the U.S. Post Office to YouTube addressing a video they censored purportedly because it constituted “hate speech.” The video was a panel discussion that featured Walt Heyer, who formerly identified as transgender, who said, “This is a childhood development disorder,” in  reference to gender dysphoria in children. He described the irreversible consequences of experimental hormones and surgeries for treating gender dysphoria in children.

Dr. Jeff Barrows, CMDA's Executive Vice President for Bioethics and Public Policy and an OB/Gyn physician said, “This is not censorship of ‘hate speech,’ but it is instead a biased censorship of truth based on science that happens to go against the prevailing ideology of Google.

“I have listened to this video on a different platform, and it is patently false to categorize Mr. Heyer’s talk as hate speech. He speaks solely of his own experience and regret having undergone sex reassignment surgery. He is speaking to young people who might currently be considering sex reassignment surgery to warn them of the permanence of the procedures and the real possibility they will later regret their decision. Censoring his video removes a valuable voice of experience speaking to the many young people today who are themselves suffering confusion because of gender identity disorder and seeking the truth.

“As a physician, I affirm that Mr. Heyer’s testimony is backed up by medical science showing that people who suffer from gender dysphoria often have other associated psychological issues. In addition, there is inadequate medical science supporting cross-sex hormones and the use of sex reassignment surgery as therapy for gender dysphoria. Finally, there is inadequate study of the complications of puberty blocking agents, cross-sex hormone use and sex reassignment surgery.”

Mr. Heyer’s noble motivation to prevent a child from making the same life-altering mistake of undergoing sex reassignment surgery that he made should not be silenced.


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