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Physician releases new book exploring myths of marijuana usage

Bristol, Tenn., March 3, 2020—This month, James Alan Avery, MD, a palliative care and hospice physician from Virginia, released a new book focused on discussing marijuana from an objective and scientific view.


“Americans are being asked to make substantial and sometimes personal choices regarding marijuana in their homes, in their workplaces, in their houses of worship and at the voting box,” said Dr. Avery. “When it comes to marijuana, the gap between current scientific evidence of adverse consequences and public perception is large and increasing. The telos of this book is to bring science and reason back into the discussion.


In Marijuana: An Honest Look at the World’s Most Misunderstood Weed, focuses on the science of marijuana, how it’s become a hot topic in politics and the current state of marijuana in culture and healthcare. Next, he brings attention to the truth behind a variety of myths, legends and folklores in regard to marijuana.


“Dr. Avery’s book comprehensively deals with the issues that have been so prominent in our national dialogue for the last several years, and he does so from the perspective of a seasoned hospice and palliative care physician,” said Mike Chupp, MD, FACS, chief executive officer of Christian Medical & Dental Associations.


This comprehensive book will help you separate fact from emotion, certitude from myth and truth from spin. Whether you are a physician, pastor, parent, politician, policymaker or student, Dr. Avery delivers the evidence-based, research-oriented, unbiased information you want and need.


“Dr. Avery has made a major contribution to the cannabis discussion in the U.S. with this book,” said Ben Cort, author of Weed, Inc. “His pragmatic approach is founded in and supported by good science and his prose easy and fun to read. This book is a must read for all who are curious about what the cannabis plant has become and where it is going. Even those who do not share Dr. Avery’s Christian beliefs will gain a great deal from this book and those who do share his convictions will find great insight on that front. I highly recommend this book and am glad to have it on my shelf.”


Published by Christian Medical & Dental Associations (CMDA), Dr. Avery’s book is now available on Amazon and in CMDA’s Bookstore at


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