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Texan Dentist and Wife Receive the Servant of Christ Award

Bristol, Tennessee — May 20, 2019 — Dr. T. Bob Davis, a dentist from Dallas, Texas and his wife, Janis, received the Christian Medical & Dental Associations 2020 Servant of Christ Award at their home with a group of CMDA members and leaders participating electronically. The Servant of Christ Award honors those whose careers exemplify commitment to medical excellence along with a stalwart faith in Jesus Christ. Observed through inclusive fellowship in the four national and international dental honor organizations, for the last 53 years, Dr. T. Bob has successfully practiced dentistry not only on local and state-wide levels but nationally and internationally as well.

Both natives of Alabama, Dr. T. Bob and Janis met when he was studying at the University of Alabama Dental School where he went on to graduate with his Doctorate of Dental Medicine in 1967. After serving as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force, the couple married in the fall of 1969 and started their journey together in Dallas, Texas where they ultimately raised their family for the Lord. Just as Dr. T. Bob was raised in a supportive church and saved as a pre-teen, Janis also had the same upbringing, and has been a true helpmeet and companion for over fifty years; she has fully supported and encouraged him through travel, music and keenly pointing out opportunities in God’s will. Now, their three Godly children and seven grandchildren live nearby so they can continue worshipping and joyfully serving the Lord together as a family unit.

As the spokesman for national dental organizations, Dr. T. Bob has been interviewed by a number of newspapers, television broadcasts and magazines. He has also served in multiple leadership capacities such as chairman of two dental conventions in Texas, Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Southwestern Baptist Seminary and as President of the Academy of Dentistry International, an honor society. Finally, Dr. T. Bob has been nominated four times for Texas Dentist of the year, claiming the title in 2014, and voted Dallas Dentist of the Year four times. He is one of only a little over 3,000 dentists in America to have attained distinction as Master in the Academy of General Dentistry, a strong commitment to dental management, continuing dental education and overall quality in dentistry.

Apart from his vastly successful dental career, Dr. T. Bob has been just as fruitful in his work for the Lord. He faithfully labored in the youth ministry for 45 years where he inspired many young people to pursue music, a fervent passion of his own. Dr. T. Bob has been referred to as a “pianist extraordinaire” and has participated in extensive travel as a solo pianist at his own concerts and as an accompanist for larger youth choirs. Several of the musically inclined young people he worked with went on to become ministers of music themselves, one of them even leading the bass and baritone sections of the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York City for over 25 years. Naturally, the youth Dr. T. Bob inspired over the years remain in touch with him, seeking his advice, encouragement and prayers which ultimately reflects the inherent impact he has had on the spiritual lives of others.

After watching her husband’s hunger for engaging youth with music, Janis volunteered him for his first medical mission. As a result, he served as a leader of dental missions for more than 44 years in various countries where he had the opportunity to mentor other dentists and dental students and provided many of them with their first mission trip experience. He was named Humanitarian of the Year, one of two top annual awards, in 2018 by the American Dental Association followed by International College of Dentists’ Humanitarian the next year.

With 13 piano recordings spanning the course of 50 years, Dr. T. Bob gained popularity through his unique and colorful stylings which were played on the radio throughout the country and satellite stations overseas. His God-given talent has been expressed through his signature smiling while staring at his audience. On two separate occasions, Dr. T. Bob performed as the pianist for Christian Medical & Dental Association’s National Convention. For decades, he was also the lead pianist at two churches in Dallas in addition to serving as a deacon. Janis has also actively enjoyed praising the Lord through music over the years with her husband.

Dental and piano fame aside, Dr. T. Bob loves one-on-one interaction and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with everyone he meets. His overarching lifetime goal is to profess the Gospel through his witness and work and radiate his deep-seated faith; when reflecting over his career and the service he has personally and professionally initiated, on all accounts, he has achieved this goal. Dr. T. Bob and Janis Davis will no doubt be remembered for years to come as a devout dental activists and “Servants of Christ.”

A video honoring the life and ministry of Dr. and Mrs. T. Bob Davis can be viewed at this link.


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