A Better Way

The Surprising Path to a Complete Life

by Peter E. Dawson, DDS

A Better Way by Peter E. Dawson, DDS

For nearly 60 years dentists from around the world have traveled to St. Petersburg, Florida to attend Peter Dawson’s seminars on “The Concept of Complete Dentistry.ÿ” He’s personally taught more than 50,000 of those practitioners. In the process he literally redefined dentistry and its standard of care by challenging his professional peers to raise their sites beyond “usual and customary” practices, to become true physicians of the masticatory system. Yet why would anyone decide to read a book about a dentist, no matter how accomplished? Perhaps, because Pete Dawson is more than a dentist. A plethora of achievements plus a wealth of unusual life experiences have provided him great insight and wisdom. Yet this is not an advice book. It’s an inspiring story of persistence—from a man who overcame hardship, professional ridicule and injustice, and who, at the age of 88, still speaks and lectures to thousands of dentists a year. It’s a coming-of-age memoir set in the natural outdoor wonderland of pre-Disney Florida. It’s an adventure tale about a young man who waterskied behind the Goodyear blimp and once skippered a sailboat through a Pacific Ocean typhoon. It’s a first-person chronicling of a genuine pilgrimage of faith. On top of all this, it’s a heart-warming and heart-wrenching love story. But the most important reason for reading this book? It’s the promise reflected in its title and in Pete Dawson’s life-long quest to discover A Better Way. A Better Way to practice dentistry, for sure. But also, A Better Way to define success. A Better Way to balance the demands of a career with the needs of a family. In short, A Better Way to live.

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About the Author(s)

by Peter E. Dawson, DDS

Peter E. Dawson, D.D.S. is considered to be one of the most influential clinicians and teachers in the history of dentistry.

He authored the best-selling dental text: Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of Occlusal Problems, which is published in 13 languages. His latest book is entitled Functional Occlusion: From TMJ to Smile Design.

He is the founder of the “Concept of Complete Dentistry Seminar Series (SM)” as well as The Dawson Academy.

In addition to numerous awards and special recognitions, Dr. Dawson is the past president and life member of the American Equilibration Society, a past president of the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry and the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry.

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