A Minute of Margin

Restoring Balance to Busy Lives - 180 Daily Reflections (Pilgrimage Growth Guide)

by Richard Swenson, MD

A Minute of Margin by Richard Swenson, MD

Prescriptions for peace. Fatigued? Swamped? Irritated? If you feel under-rested and overwhelmed, steal a minute to reflect and revitalize. In 180 daily readings, Dick Swenson addresses the need to close the gap between rest and exhaustion in our overloaded lives. Dr. Swenson’s unique suggestions will help you slow down, simplify, and change your perspective on what really is, and what isn’t, urgent in life. A Minute of Margin offers help and encouragement–“prescriptions” for restoring harmony in our everyday lives. By re-establishing leeway between your schedules and your limits, you’ll be free to live more “peace-full” lives.

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Richard Swensen, MD
About the Author(s)

by Richard Swenson, MD

Richard Swenson is a physician-researcher, best-selling author, and award-winning educator. He received his B.S. in physics from Denison University and his M.D. from the University of Illinois School of Medicine. Following five years of private practice, in 1982 Dr. Swenson accepted a teaching position as Associate Clinical Professor within the University of Wisconsin Medical School system where he taught for fifteen years.

As a physician-researcher, his current focus is “cultural medicine,” studying the intersection of health, culture, faith, and the future. He has written extensively on trends in modern society, including the acceleration of stress, overload, change, complexity, and speed. Six of his books are dedicated to this general topic, and they contain hundreds of practical prescriptions (Rxs) for decompressing the increasing pressures of life.

Dr. Swenson has traveled to sixty countries, including a year of study in Europe and medical work in developing countries. He has presented widely, including national and international settings, to a wide variety of career, professional, educational, medical, governmental, and management groups, most major church denominations, members of the United Nations, NASA, Congress, and the Pentagon.

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