A Time To Heal

How One Surgeon's Relentless Obedience to God Brought Healing to Hundreds of Thousands-and to Himself

by C. Scott Harrison M.D.

This book covers historical and spiritual events: Scott’s surgical initiation in the Vietnam War Scott’s raw ambition and drive for success as a surgeon His conversion story at the age of 40 His short-term mission trips to do surgical work in Africa God’s call to Scott and his wife, Sally, to work with the 140 million crippled kids in the world who need healing Launching a non-profit hospital organization in third-world countries after the age of 60 The challenge of running hospitals in less than ideal political and economic circumstances Issues connected with Scott’s closed head injury and their affect on key relationships Multiple points throughout his life when Scott felt God leading him Scott’s story is a story of DOING. A life of action. This action has come at a cost. There have been successes and failures but in it all, God was there.

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About the Author

by C. Scott Harrison M.D.

Dr. Scott Harrison, former President and CEO of CURE International, founded the organization with his wife, Sally, in 1996. His decision to start CURE is the direct result of his passion to cure the neediest disabled children in the world and to train others to do the same.

He began his 26 years of orthopedic surgery after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh Medical School in 1963. His experience is extensive, ranging from a year of medical service in Vietnam during the war, personally treating 3,000 disabled children in Malawi, as well as assuming the following posts: – Clinical Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Penn State Medical School – Director of Scoliosis Service for the Pennsylvania State Crippled Children s Hospital – Chief of Orthopedics at Harrisburg Hospital in Pennsylvania

Then in 1991, Kirschner Medical Corporation, an international orthopedic supply company, asked Dr. Harrison to serve as CEO and President. He accepted, and in 1994, led the company through a merger with Biomet, Inc. The success of that merger provided the funding and the freedom for Dr. Harrison to pursue his vision for healing disabled children. He and his wife Sally began the construction of CURE s first hospital in Kenya in 1998.