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Evangelism: Bridges to Other Faiths

2 CD Set


Have you ever had the opportunity to share your faith with someone but hesitated because you felt ill-equipped to cross the threshold of his or her faith? Was it because they were Muslim or Mormon or didn’t believe in God at all and you were afraid you might drive them further away from Christianity? CMDA’s newest evangelism resource will equip you to build bridges to reach those of other faiths with the Gospel of Christ. Dr. David Stevens interviews experts who understand those from other cultures and who are bridge-builders for Christ. Included are sessions teaching you to reach out to Muslims, Chinese, Hindus, Mormons, Agnostics & Atheists, and those from a traditional Jewish faith. This two-CD set is jammed full of constructive tips, useful strategies, and conversation starters that will make you a bridge builder in no time. Disc One is 72 mins. Disc Two is 70 mins.

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