Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Ethics and the Beginning of Human Life

Megan Best, BMed (Hons), MAAE

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What sort of contraception, if any, should I use? When does human life begin—at fertilization or at some point after that? What are the arguments for and against abortion? Is it ok to use genetic screening and other prenatal tests to check for abnormalities in my unborn baby? Should Christians use IVF and other assisted reproductive technologies? What is the current state of embryonic stem cell research? These are just some of the many complex and emotion-laden questions we face in the rapidly changing field of reproductive medicine, and most Christians do so with two very significant handicaps:

  • We don’t have accurate up-to-date information about the medical and technological issues involved.
  • We have not thought through a sound, biblical framework for making ethical decisions in this area.

Dr. Megan Best provides what is lacking in both of these vital areas. Built on extensive historical, biblical and medical research, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made is the comprehensive, accurate, biblically-based ethical handbook Christians have been waiting to read.

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Megan Best, BMed (Hons), MAAE
About the Author

Megan Best, BMed (Hons), MAAE

Dr. Megan Best has been involved in medical ethics for over 20 years and, through her work with the media and in education, is currently involved in community discussion of issues including euthanasia, stem cells and cloning, genetics, and assisted reproduction.

With a degree in Medicine and a Master of Arts in Applied Ethics in Health Care, Megan lectures at the University of Sydney and the University of NSW. She has recently completed a thesis on the spiritual care of patients at the end of life.

She is the author of “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Ethics and the Beginning of Human Life” (2012) and “A Life Already Started” (2013) and lives in Sydney with her husband and two delightful daughters.

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What Others are Saying About Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Science-based with Pro Life Perspective

5 5 1
I bought this book upon hearing about Dr. Best, a speaker at the Together for the Gospel conference. I immediately researched her and became interested in the bioethical material she had written. Out of pure curiosity, I ordered this book. I was surprised at the volume of this book and the depth and wealth of knowledge Best has to offer in her text. At first glance, the book feels a little overwhelming, almost like a medical textbook or something I'd encounter in my PhD studies. But, once you sift through the material, you note that the book is not as threatening as it seems. Yes, at times Dr. Best becomes a little long-winded with historical accounts of different reproductive technology events (such as the birth control pill, IVF), but she does so only to offer you a perspective on the issue throughout the years. When you get down to the meat of the book, her discussion of the ethics involved in various different forms of reproductive technology, Dr. Best is far more technical and to the point. She answers questions completely with evidence-based practice and existing scientific knowledge on the topic, from a medical professional's point of view, yet does so in an easy to understand manner. Dr. Best is also compassionate and able to empathize with those she disagrees with, particularly on the topic of abortion. Instead of judging, Dr. Best offers a compassionate view of someone in a tough spot, rather than rehashing the old pro-life rhetoric. Despite this, Dr. Best stays true to her convictions of life beginning at conception and each individual being created in the image of God. This book may disappoint those who may have a dislike of human biology, yet if you want answers to your questions on reproductive technology from a Christian perspective this is the book for you!

Remarkable Book

5 5 1
The author (Best) is a medical doctor and bioethicist. It is apparent she fully understands issues regarding conception, birth, abortion, miscarriage, pregnancy, and reproductive technologies from a medical and an ethical viewpoint. In today's world, technology and choice are loudly promoted over truth and compassion. In today's society it is difficult to find moral consensus because we no longer have a common process for working out right from wrong. So people attempt to make the best decisions they can with the information they have at the time, yet it is difficult to get accurate information on some of these topics. In a very thorough but sensitive way this book lays out the facts. The author writes from the perspective of believing that human life begins at fertilization and deserves protection from that time. Some may disagree with her, but she gives her reasons for this view. This is not a political book. The book is informative and instructive for those who wish to think clearly and honestly are seeking guidance. The author realizes these matters involve personal decisions and leaves those decisions up to the reader. It is a truly remarkable book and outstanding resource worth reading.

Worth Its Weight in Gold!

4 5 1
Finally a book that deals with a very tough emotional topic with intelligence, compassion and scripture. Recommend for any and all going through some of these things or for people who are counseling couples through the emotional rolller coaster.