Healing Hands, Healing Heart

Dr. Eleanore Kue


This book is the inspiring story of God using Dr. Eleanore Kue to accomplish His purpose. Dr. Kue was born in Cameroon, Central Africa, at a time when babies were dying for lack of appropriate medical care. God used an American missionary to save her life. She studied medicine in France before moving to the USA with her husband, Simon Kue. Dr. Eleanore Kue’s life was transformed by the power of the gospel, and for the first time, she experienced the love she had longed for. Her life seemed to come full circle when, on a medical mission trip to Cameroon, she felt called to medical missionary work in America. She has dedicated her life to serving the uninsured in the inner City of Lansing.

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About the Author(s)

Dr. Eleanore Kue

Dr. Eleanore Kue was born in Cameroon, Africa. She Studied medicine in France and moved to the USA in the 90s. She resides in Lansing, MI where she works as a bi-vocational pastor and physician. Dr. Eleanore gave her life to Christ in an Assembly of God church, she felt a call into ministry and went to Bible school. In Bible school, God called her to lead short-term missions. It was in 2007, that Dr. Eleanore came back to the USA with a desire to open a clinic for the underinsured. His Healing Hands Clinic was opened in November 2009. Shortly after, Dr. Eleanore planted His Healing Hands church at the clinic to meet the spiritual needs of her patients. Today, Dr. Eleanore’s clinic and church runs 4 adult gatherings and 3 children gatherings. Dr. Eleanore is currently a student at AGTS in the cohort woman for leadership. Dr. Eleanore is a woman of faith and obedience. Her deeper love for Jesus has shaped her. She is married and a mother of three wonderful children. In her spare time, she loves to read and learn to play the piano. She is writing a book to empower women to become transformational leaders.