Health & Hope

Spectacular Ken Duncan Images with Inspirational Quotes

by Ken Duncan

Health & Hope is presented by the International Christian Medical & Dental Association. This awe-inspiring picture book will give you hours of quiet reverie if you will sit and immerse yourself in its pages. Beautiful landscapes by celebrated photographer Ken Duncan transport you to places as various as Namibia’s dunes, the Whitsunday Islands, the Colorado River, and the sweeping Yorkshire dales. God’s hand is apparent everywhere. All proceeds go to ICMDA.

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About the Author(s)

by Ken Duncan

I first got interested in photography in my early teens and became quite unpopular by dismantling my father’s Bellows camera to make a B&W enlarger. On leaving school, I went into photographic sales, progressing to become senior technical representative for Australia’s leading photographic supply house. When that company imported the ‘Widelux’ camera, I found a vehicle which could finally translate onto film exactly what I could see in a landscape.

Photography quickly became a passion. In 1982 I left Sydney to realise my dream of producing a quality book of Australian images. Little did I know that the dream would cost me my house, cars and everything else I had and take five years to complete.

During my travels around Australia, I have collected over 100,000 panoramic images. But I had to endure many hardships in the pursuit of that dream. A fall from Kata Tjuta in Central Australia resulted in gangrene and the eventual amputation of my left big toe. The freezing damp of western Tasmania caused hypothermia and severe damage to my nervous system that took many months to recover from.

I spent most of my time from 1982 to 1986 travelling extensively throughout Australia. During that time I married my beautiful wife, Pam, my strong supporter, my faithful ally and my best working buddy.

As a photographer, I see myself as merely an interpreter of God’s creation. The art is in seeing, capturing and presenting these images to others.

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