Finding Peace in the Midst of Infertility

by Shannon Woodward

Women who are anxious to conceive – and who have yet to conceive – know about waiting. It’s the hallmark of infertility. You wait in doctors’ offices for endless prescriptions to be filled, or for the pregnancy test indicator to light up. Inconceivable is the remarkable true-life story of Shannon Woodward, a woman who stopped waiting her life away. Woodward revisits eighteen years of personal frustration, pain, and anger, and speaks from her own experience to show how women can have peace in their disappointment by surrendering their hopes and hearts, their dreams and losses, to the One who heals all things broken.

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About the Author

by Shannon Woodward

I’m a wife, mother, writer/editor/speaker living in a little house in the big woods somewhere north of Seattle. I love a lot of things that end with “ing” — laughing, cooking, baking, quilting, knitting, painting, gardening and traveling. I also happen to despise the telephone, and secretly long for a world where you’d have to hitch up your team and drive your wagon over to my house if you wanted to talk to me, dagnubbit.

I wrote my first book with the help of two friends during our fifth grade year. Our teacher had to find something for us to do after we three galloped through the entire year’s reading program in just a few months. Sadly, “Skunky Bravery” never garnered the vast reading audience we had hoped for. I loved writing all through high school and college, but never planned to be a writer. It wasn’t until my son began toddling around and making insightful comments about life that I began to write in earnest. Watching him discover the world, and feeling a love for him that was so big it bordered on painful, I started to understand how much God loved me … and all that introspection needed an outlet.

My life has only gotten fuller, richer and busier since those early days of writing and mothering. Our family went from three to four with the adoption of our daughter, who is now in college. My son is now a parent himself, making me a deliriously proud grandmother. My husband went from paper-mill worker to pastor, making me a pastor’s wife to a delightful and loving church family. And my writing has led to a speaking ministry, which has taken me all over the world. It has been my joy and my privilege to stand before groups of women in many places and in different cultures and tell them just how much they are loved by God. I am living a life I don’t deserve … and I am grateful.

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