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Is God Obsolete?


An M.D. Examines


Sometimes it seems that the very “idea of a loving God” is negated by the unfairness in the world, by the violence and destruction acted out in our streets. Why doesn’t God stop it? What good is He? As an LA trauma surgeon, Brad Burke, MD, has held the hearts of the wounded in his own hands and brings a unique perspective to this difficult and volatile issue. He witnessed firsthand the profound differences between the sufferings of the godless and the sufferings of God’s own. In this intense book, Dr. Burke systematically investigates the reasons why so many feel that God has become obsolete and examines how we may yet discover God’s power for our own lives.

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by Brad Burke MD

Brad Burke, MD, is a Christian medical specialist, speaker, and author who took a five-year sabbatical from practicing medicine to research and write the compelling book series, An MD Examines. This four-book series is packed with creative illustrations and stories that share God’s character through the eyes of a medical doctor. Titles in the series include, Is God Obsolete?, Why Doesn’t God Stop Evil?, Does God Still Do Miracles?, and Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Dr. Brad has been a guest on several radio and TV shows including “100 Huntley Street” and Janet Parshall’s syndicated show, “America.”

Dr. Brad currently works and resides in the Windsor/ Detroit area with his wife Erin.

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