Just Add Water DVD: Four Levels of Happiness | Hippocrates & Medicine in the Third Millennium

John Patrick, MD and David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics).

by John Patrick, MD
Session 1:

“Four Levels of Happiness” explores how everyone wants to be happy, but what is happiness? Has modern society lost all understanding of the true meaning of happiness? Dr. John Patrick, adapting original thoughts from Gonzaga University’s Robert Spitzer, presents his analogies on happiness at each level leading to level four, the ultimate level that does not end. Session 2: “Hippocrates and Medicine in the Third Millennium” For most people Hippocrates is a shadowy figure somehow connected to the ethical practice of medicine. They find comfort in thinking doctors are committed to the ethical standards of the Hippocratic Oath. Unfortunately, the truth is very few doctors take the oath and may argue its relevance to today’s society. Dr. Patrick focuses on the Oath and its implications under four headings: » The necessity of transcendence » A commitment to the sanctity of life » Training within a moral ethos » Preserving moral integrity As physicians, you will be encouraged to practice medicine in the Hippocratic way in an effort to preserve the doctor-patient relationship. Session 1 – 27 minutes. Session 2 – 27 minutes. Each volume in the Just Add Water series includes advice from Dr. David Stevens on “How to Have a Meeting”. Length is 10:12 minutes.

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