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Marriage | Family | Spirituality | Testimony | Character | Clinical Practice | Managing Money | Compassion | Missions | Ethics
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Just Add Water DVD: Practice By the Book (Set)


You loved it in print, now you can watch it on DVD, use it to host a meeting, or use it as a discussion starter in a small group. This 10-disc set covers ten different topics from the book: one session per disc. Single sessions vary in length from about 16 to 27 minutes and are narrated variously by Dr. David Stevens, Dr. Gene Rudd, or Dr. Al Weir. The ten discs come conveniently stored in 10 secure ring-bound pages in a one-inch thick album. Sessions covered are: Marriage & Family, Our Spiritual Foundation, Our Testimony, Developing Your Character, Clinical Practice, Managing Money, Practice of Compassion, Missions, Ethics, and What in This World Is a Christian Doctor?

Al Weir

Christian Doctor: 19 minutes
Clinical Practice: 22 minutes
Compassion: 26 minutes
Manage Money: 26 minutes

Dave Stevens 
Character: 26 minutes
Ethics: 17 minutes
Missions: 30 minutes

Gene Rudd
Marriage and Family: 24 minutes
Our Testimony: 15 minutes
Foundations: 20 minutes


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