Just Add Water DVD: Sermon on the Mount 1&2

John Patrick, MD and David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics).

Sixth in a series of “instant meetings.” Knowledge, skills and attitudes are the guidelines for the evaluations of medical students by universities, but shouldn’t character be measured as well? Jesus described what is needed in building character when he taught on the mount. Dr. Patrick takes us through the beatitudes with an in-depth picture of how we might become salt and light to a dying world. Destroying evil and preserving good requires a right relationship with God and one another. Learn why Dr. Patrick thinks society should go to “the great book for a better understanding of what determines the cohesion of the society.” This topic is contained in two sessions, parts 1 and 2. Session 1 – 35 minutes; Session 2 – 34 minutes. Each volume in the Just Add Water series includes advice from Dr. David Stevens on “How to Have a Meeting”. Length is 10:12 minutes.

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