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Just Add Water | Ethics
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Just Add Water DVD Set (10)


A Set of CMDA's First Ten Just Add Water Offerings in One Package


Volume 1.1 – Marks of a Christian Doctor (Parts 1 & 2) featuring David Stevens
Volume 1.2 – Is There a Place for God in Modern Medicine? & Communicating Bad News featuring Al Weir
Volume 2.1 – The Four Levels of Happiness Hippocrates and Medicine in the Third Millennium featuring John Patrick
Volume 2.2 – The Myth of Moral Neutrality & Much More Than a Baby Dies in Abortion featuring John Patrick
Volume 2.3 – Why Ethics Courses Do Not Make Us Ethical Why There Are No Hittites on the Streets of New York
Volume 2.4 – Sermon on the Mount (Parts 1 & 2) featuring John Patrick
Volume 2.5 – Decision Making in Clinical Ethics Is Physician-Assisted Suicide Ever Justified? featuring Robert Orr
Volume 2.6 – Science and the Sovereignty of God (Parts 1 & 2) featuring Richard Swenson
Volume 2.7 – The Faith Factor in Physical and Emotional Disease Should Clinicians Incorporate Positive Spirituality into Their Practices? featuring Walt Larimore
Volume 3.1 – Christian Apologetics for Health Professionals (Parts 1 & 2) featuring Robert Martin

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