Love Is a Choice

The Definitive Book on Letting Go of Unhealthy Relationships

by Robert Hemfelt, Ed.D., Frank Minirth MD, & Paul Meier, MD.

“I just keep telling myself that if I try harder, I’ll be able to fix him;” “I spend all of my time and energy doing all the right things and trying to please everyone and yet, at the end of the day, I still feel guilty. Why?” If you identify with any of these statements, you–like one in four Americans–may be codependent. Let the doctors of the Minirth-Meier Clinic walk you through their ten proven stages to recovery from codependency, introducing a new dimension: the important stage of seeing God’s unconditional love as the answer to your deepest emotional needs and your hunger for love.

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About the Author

by Robert Hemfelt, Ed.D., Frank Minirth MD, & Paul Meier, MD.

Frank Minirth, M.D., is founder of The Minirth Clinic and has authored or co-authored more than thirty books, including Happiness Is a Choice, and Worry-free Living. Paul Meier, M.D. is a psychiatrist and founder of the national chain of Meier Clinics as well as best-selling author or co-author of more than eighty books. He holds five degrees in the fields of medicine, psychiatry, and theology. Happily married, he has six children and two grandchildren.

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