Medical Ethics and the Faith Factor

A Handbook for Clergy and Health-Care Professionals

Robert D. Orr, M.D., C.M.

Medical Ethics and the Faith Factor by Robert D Orr, MD, CM

Clinical ethics is a relatively new discipline within medicine, generated not so much by the “Can we?” questions of fact and prognosis that physicians usually address, but primarily by the more uncomfortable gray areas having to do with “Should we? questions. Should we use a feeding tube for Mom? How should we deal with our baby about to be born with life-threatening anomalies? Should our son be taken off dialysis, even though he’ll die without it? What should we do with our mentally ill sister, who has proven that she is untreatable? In this book, Orr draws on his extensive medical knowledge and experience to offer a wealth of guidance regarding real-life dilemmas in clinical ethics. Replete with instructive case studies, Medical Ethics and the Faith Factor is an invaluable resource that reintroduced the human element to a discussion so often detached from the very people it claims to be concerned about.

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Robert D. Orr, M.D., C.M., & Fred Chay, DMin, PhD
About the Author(s)

Robert D. Orr, M.D., C.M.

Dr. Robert Orr received his M.D., C.M. from McGill University in 1966, did residency training in family medicine and practiced in Vermont for 18 years (named Vermont Family Doctor of the Year in 1989). Since completing a fellowship in Clinical Ethics at the University of Chicago (1989-90), he has held professorships at Loma Linda University School of Medicine (CA), University of Vermont College of Medicine, Trinity International University (IL), and the Graduate College of Union University (NY). He continues to teach in two other graduate programs. He has lectured widely, has authored, co-authored or co-edited 5 books, 16 book chapters, and over 150 articles on ethics, ethics consultation and end-of-life care. His most recent book is Medical Ethics and the Faith Factor (Eerdmans, 2009). He has been an active CMDA member for nearly 50 years and currently serves on the Board of Trustees.