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Sexual Intimacy in Marriage



When Christian couples want to further develop their love life, it can be difficult to locate trustworthy resources. Sexual Intimacy in Marriage cuts through the fog of misinformation and partial truths about sex to help couples find the fulfillment God intended for their sexual relationship. Special features include: reliable answers to the most often asked questions about sex; practical, easy-to-do exercises and discussion starters that can enhance any couple’s love life; an informative and Christ-centered approach, drawing on examples from Song of Solomon; encouragement to help marriage partners remain faithful for a lifetime. Perfect for newlyweds, soon-to-weds, or couples who have been married for years, this book will show partners that God designed sex to be a richly satisfying source of physical pleasure, emotional bonding, and spiritual unity.

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Sandra Glahn & Bill Cutrer, MD

William Cutrer, M.D., (1951–2013) was a recognized expert in reproductive technology and medical ethics. A licensed obstetrician/gynecologist who specialized in the treatment of infertility for more than fifteen years, he also held a graduate degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and was an ordained minister. At the time of his death he was a professor at The Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Cutrer was the author of a number of pastoral resources including When Empty Arms Become a Heavy Burden (coauthored with Sandra Glahn), and the coauthor of three medical suspense novels.

Sandra Glahn, Th.M., is an adjunct professor at Dallas Seminary, where she edits the award-winning magazine Kindred Spirit. She is the author of the Coffee Cup Bible Studies series for women and the coauthor of seven books about marriage and reproductive issues. Sandra also serves on the board of the Evangelical Press Association and the women’s executive committee for She and her husband, Gary, have been married for twenty-eight years and have one daughter. They make their home in Dallas, Texas.

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