Standing in the Shadow

by June Cerza Kolf

Standing in the Shadow by June Cerza Kolf

Answers. Hope. Healing. The end of a precious life has come unnaturally. You may wonder how you can possibly survive your loved one’s suicide. Anger, guilt, hopelessness, and unanswered questions may swirl around in your mind while you try to hang on, searching for a sign that you will come through this trauma. With deep sensitivity, June Cerza Kolf, a veteran of hospice work, addresses the uniquely painful issues you are facing right now, such as forgiveness, depression, and the search for answers. This book will lead you through mourning to acceptance and will help you release your guilt and anger and embrace the mighty power of prayer.

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June Cerza Kolf
About the Author(s)

by June Cerza Kolf

June Cerza Kolf has worked in hospice care for years, teaches grief seminars, and conducts grief recovery sessions. She is the author of several books and lives in Quartz Hill, California.