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Staying Together


When an Affair Pulls You Apart


When a marriage is threatened by infidelity, all parties can become desperate. We’re tempted to look out only for ourselves, and the marital relationship is left hanging on for dear life. Steve Judah explores the phenomenon of infidelity, considering both the push of marital discord and the pull of sexual temptation. With clear and helpful analysis of the relational science behind infidelity, he delivers a tested way back toward a meaningful marriage.

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by Stephen Judah, Ph.D.

Dr. Judah works as an author, psychologist, consultant, and trainer specializing in couple and business relationships. He received an M.A. and Ph.D. from Ohio State University in the Department of Education Special Services – Counseling and Guidance. He is married, has three daughters and two son-in-laws. His career throughout Ohio, and now the nation, has focused on empowering whole relationships. He provides leadership to several marriage strengthening initiatives. He developed the Essential Disciplines series to provide relationship training and best practices for couples, businesses, and teens. The teen curriculum was developed and field-tested throughout Ohio in 2007 in cooperation with the Ohio Department of Education – Family and Consumer Sciences. The business curriculum has been endorsed by the Better Business Bureau Center of Character Ethics and the Zig Ziglar Corporation. Dr. Judah has sought to merge the very broad field of relationships into a single seamless system that is both comprehensive yet simple. EssentialDisciplines blends character development with interactive skills training, and integrates landmark research on motivation.

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