The Handbook of Medicine

A Manual for Practitioners in Low Resource Settings

by Dennis Palmer, DO; Catherine E. Wolf, MD, MPH; and Burton W. Lee, MD

The Handbook of Medicine by Dennis Palmer, DO; Catherine E. Wolf, MD, MPH; and Burton W. Lee, MD

Have you ever seen a patient with leprosy? What are the symptoms of Dengue Fever? What is the best drug to use for the routine deworming of children? How should you treat a pregnant woman with malaria? Have you ever diagnosed leishmaniasis? These are just a few of the vast challenges you will face while providing healthcare in developing countries, not to mention the lack of resources and equipment. And these are complications that you certainly aren’t trained to face while practicing healthcare in the United States. Whether you are a student, resident or seasoned healthcare professional, this reference book is absolutely essential if you are planning on working overseas. With contributions from some of today’s top specialists, it is an invaluable resource because it covers a wide variety of diseases, offers the latest treatment recommendations and is easier to use than ever. Pack it in your travel bags for your next mission trip. Browse through it before you travel overseas to read about the common diseases you will see. Keep it close to quickly look up symptoms and diseases, because The Handbook of Medicine in Developing Countries will help you provide competent and compassionate care to those in desperate need.

[This book is available when you arrive in Africa as a digital download along with 50 other titles by registration at the Digital African Health Library]

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About the Author(s)

by Dennis Palmer, DO; Catherine E. Wolf, MD, MPH; and Burton W. Lee, MD

Dennis Palmer, DO, Medical Director, HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment Program and Program Director, Christian Internal Medicine Specialization Program at Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Cameroon. He has been involved in medical care in Cameroon for the past 30+ years.

Catherine Wolf, MD MPH, Founder and Executive Director of Friends for Health in Haiti, which is in the process of developing a community based primary care and maternity center in the mountains outside Jeremine, Haiti. She is board certified in both Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine and has been involved in medical care in Haiti for the past 30+ years.

Burton W. Lee, MD, is a Professor of Medicine in the Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine at University of Pittsburgh, as well as a Senior Consultant for Critical Care Education and Training at the National Institutes of Health. He and his family served at AIC Kijabe Hospital in Kenya from 2010 to 2016, training national physicians and clinical officers. Now from his new base in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he continues to serve in various global health settings. His primary professional interests have been in medical education, mechanical ventilation, global health and scientific literacy and numeracy.