Time for a Pure Revolution

By Doug Herman

Time for a Pure Revolution by Doug Herman

Empower the ones you love to fight the sexual battle; protect their future; demand what they deserve. You can’t choose for them, but you can empower them to choose for themselves. Today’s sex-saturated culture sells teens and young adults a lie that will steal their future, their families, and possibly their lives. This book is a hard-hitting and well-researched look at the truth directed at parents and leaders of young people. Doug Herman gives practical strategies for pursuing sexual purity and personal integrity.

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About the Author(s)

By Doug Herman

Doug Herman is a Business Development Strategist with an expertise in maximizing profitability and market share through the unique application of industry specific sales strategies that create competitive and disruptive marketing action.

He is especially talented in leading a large team through change processes and inspiring passion for the company’s service or product, leveraging his professional communication gifts in presentations, written, or marketing tools.

Doug is currently the Vice President of Sales & Design at Xybix Systems, Inc in Littleton Colorado. He’s developing a national sales team that has opened two additional channels and has continued developing his sales team finding over 23% sales growth in the first two years. The design team he oversees has increased in size and under his leadership has increased in productivity and accuracy with a 60% closure rating on everything they develop.

Doug had spent five years at Airgas On-Site Safety Services, a subsidiary of Airgas Inc., most recently as the Director of Business Process Improvement & Marketing, where he uncovered improvement opportunities and developed teams instilling processes for contracts, pricing, and marketing. He previously served as the Director of Sales recruiting, training, developing, and leading a national team of sales professionals growing the business’ topline sales 58% in three years.

His industrial career began at Grainger in a sales position where he found strong success in the MRO market, acquiring new customers. In his subsequent role at Shur-Sales & Marketing, Doug was assigned national distributors (Grainger, Airgas, Fastenal, White Cap, MSC, Applied Industrial Technologies) successfully driving 15 supply lines through those channels.