What if There Were Windows in Heaven

by Harold P Adolph, MD, FACS

The inspiring and thrilling stories of a few of God’s miracles observed over many decades of healing ministry to multiplied thousands around the world will encourage you to trust God more completely. It bears glad witness to God’s unfailing faithfulness to provide, protect, guide, and do the impossible. Born to missionary medical parents in China, Harold Paul Adolph felt called to medical service early in life. When his life was repeatedly snatched from death’s jaws, he knew that he was on assignment from God.

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About the Author

by Harold P Adolph, MD, FACS

Born to medical missionaries in China, Harold Paul Adolph felt he was being called to medical service even at an early time in life. After his life was repeatedly snatched from the jaws of death, Dr. Adolph finally recognized God had placed him on assignment. He felt led by God to work as a surgeon in places with few surgeons and to train surgeons to carry on this ministry for the sake of the gospel.

Since 1966, Dr. Adolph and his wife, Bonnie Jo, have served in the US, Liberia, Niger Republic, and Ethiopia. They have also set up a two-hundred-bed surgical training center in South Central Ethiopia with a dedicated staff of expatriate and Ethiopian specialists. In “Surgeon On Call 24-7,” Dr. Adolph discusses the living circumstances of the patients and key elements of surgery, including the providence and provision God afforded him over the many years of doing what many would have considered an impossible “on call” schedule.