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What Your Body Knows About God


How We Are Designed to Connect, Serve, and Thrive


Have you ever had an experience where you felt particularly aware of God? If God is real, and we are created in God’s image, then it makes sense that our minds and bodies would be designed with the perceptive ability to sense and experience God. Scientists are now discovering ways that our bodies are designed to connect with God. Brain research shows that our brain systems are wired to enable us to have spiritual experiences. The spiritual circuits that are used in prayer or worship are also involved in developing compassion for others. Our bodies have actually been created to love God and serve our neighbors. Award-winning journalist Rob Moll chronicles the fascinating ways in which our brains and bodies interact with God and spiritual realities. He reports on neuroscience findings that show how our brains actually change and adapt when engaged in spiritual practices.

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by Rob Moll

Rob Moll is an award-winning journalist and editor-at-large with Christianity Today. He has written extensively on health and health-care issues, investing and personal finance, faith and spirituality. His work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Books & Culture and Leadership. He has served as a hospice volunteer and works as communications officer to the president at World Vision.
Connect with Rob on his website, robmoll.com.

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