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Testimony: William J. Lawton, MD

Testimony: William J. Lawton, MD

By William J. Lawton, MD | December 16, 2013

Testimony regarding Massachusetts House Bill 1998, Compassionate Aid in Dying.

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Ethical Issues Regarding Post-Fertilization Effects of Oral Contraceptives

By Walt Larimore, MD | December 1, 2015

I have prescribed “the Pill” since 1978. My wife and I used the Pill for years, having no moral concerns about it. Then, in 1995 my friend and practice partner John Hartman, MD, showed me a patient information brochure–given to him by a friend–that claimed the Pill had a postfertilization effect causing “…the unrecognized loss of preborn children.”

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Our Duty to COVID-19 Patients

By Eric F. Hussar, MD | December 30, 2020

You see a 68-year-old male with diabetes and hypertension in the office for coughing, body aches and recent loss of taste and smell, whose symptoms started about three days ago. His pulse oximetry is 95 percent, and the lungs are clear. A COVID-19 test is run and comes back positive. He asks what can be done to decrease his risk for going to the hospital or even death. Unfortunately, you tell him, there are no easily accessible outpatient treatments for COVID-19, and you recommend he use over-the-counter treatments to help his symptoms and to let you know if he is getting significantly short of breath. There are times like this when we in the primary care realm can feel helpless or like there’s not much we have to offer for patients. But is this truly the case for COVID-19?

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Stand in the Gap: A Summons to Healthcare Professionals

By Steven Willing, MD | June 18, 2020

OK. The ad is hypothetical, I’ll admit. But only a little. A just-released report on human sexuality issued a clarion call for Christian apologists to step up and counter the increasingly toxic cultural narrative on human sexuality. That narrative—or perhaps narratives, since some are severely at odds—has led to increasing radicalism and polarization, leaving a tide of refugees in its wake.

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Regretting Transition for Gender Dysphoria

By Andrè Van Mol, MD | June 23, 2022

Supporters of gender-affirming therapy (GAT)—transition affirmation—are doubling down on claims that regret and detransition are rare. From state-level bills in my home state of California to national policy initiatives from the federal administration, the assertion that transitioning for gender dysphoria is all but regret free is used as a promotional tool for the proposed mandating of GAT essentially on request. However, the sales pitch does not hold up to inspection.

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Four New Books Dealing with Transgenderism

By Andrè Van Mol, MD | November 16, 2023

Publications exposing transgender ideology and its capture of academics, medicine, the entertainment industry, government and the business sector are picking up steam. What we might term the breakout books, those that caught traction and burst onto the public square addressing and countering the whirlwind of transgenderism.

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