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National Student Community Scholarship Guidelines for CMDA National Convention

A limited number of scholarships are being offered to students and residents wishing to attend the CMDA National Convention to cover the full $50 registration fee for students or $75 toward the resident registration fee of $245. (Regular registration is $375 for Doctor/Dentist and $245 for Associate Health Care attendees).

Simple Application Process:

  1. Complete the CMDA National Student Community Scholarship Form.
  2. Students commit to attending the National Student Community meeting.
  3. Residents commit to attending the National Resident & Fellow Council meeting.
  4. Return your form to
  5. Use the registration form attached to your approval email to register for the National Convention.
  6. Follow this link for the Scholarship Application.

Food and lodging costs for students or residents staying in student housing total $181 ($85 lodging, $96 meals). Contact Melinda Mitchell to secure your lodging and food. Students are encouraged to consider car-pooling for transportation to and from the conference in Ridgecrest, North Carolina. Regional Directors ( have ideas on how to fund  travel and lodging expenses for National Convention. Feel free to contact them!

Students and residents receiving National Convention Scholarships will receive the benefit of membership in the National Student Community or the National Resident & Fellow Council respectively. NSC and NRFC are places where students and residents can stay connected throughout their clinical years in medical school. Here are two important benefits!

The NSC & NRFC keep students and residents connected and informed.

Being a part of the these communities allows students and residents to stay in the loop with all the resources and opportunities that will help them grow as a Christ-follower.

The NSC & NRFC give students and residents portals to get more involved, use their gifts and lead.

Students and residents have tremendous gifts, gifts that we all would benefit from. Being a part of the NSC and NRFC will allow them to step into opportunities to lead and speak into the ministry of CMDA. As new opportunities come online, NSC and NRFC members will be the first to know!

Funds are being provided through the National Student Community.

For more information about the National Student Community, email

For more information about the National Resident & Fellow Council, email