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Summer Ministry Opportunities

Are you ready for summer? The projects below offer significant opportunities for Christians in healthcare training to experience true Christian community, integrate your faith in healthcare and serve Christ by serving others.

CMDA Global Health Outreach
Location: various
Dates: various

For additional summer opportunities, check out CMDA’s Global Health Outreach Trips! Each year, we send 45 to 55 teams around the world to countries including El Salvador, East Africa, I*dia, the Pacific, Nicaragua, Central Asia, the Middle East and many others. We encourage you to browse through our available trip opportunities to find the trip best suited to fit your needs. Unless noted as a specialty team, all trips welcome physicians, dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, optometrists, nurses, techs, students, interpreters and non-medical volunteers.

For more information, email us or check out our trip opportunities.


Augustine College Summer Conference
The Ancient Roots of Modern Medicine: From Socrates to Saint Augustine
June 7-13, 2020
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The struggle to find meaning and purpose in relation to God has been with us throughout the ages. How do we understand and learn from the writings of earlier philosophers and thinkers? Enjoy listening and interacting with John PatrickJohn RobsonGraeme HunterDominic Manganiello, Edward Tingley and newly qualified physicians this year at the Augustine College Summer Conference.

Join us for Evensong on Sunday evening and Bible reflections each day by Father Doug Hayman.  Planned lectures include Brian Butcher on Augustine’s Confessions, Edward Tingley on the Socratic idea of wisdom and also on the Art of the godsGraeme HunterDominic Manganiello on Sophocles, and Nathan Gamble and Benjamin Holler on the Use and Abuse of the Hippocratic Oath Today.

For more information, including cost and registration, please click here.


Lawndale Christian Health Center

Dates of project: June 23, 2020 to July 25, 2020

Interested in Christian health care to the underserved? Want to spend a month in inner-city Chicago this summer? If so, read on!

The Lawndale Summer Medical Project (LSMP) is a four week medical missions project in an underserved area of Chicago. You will be seeing predominantly African-American and Latino patients at Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC). LCHC is the largest Christian health center in the United States. Services provided include primary care, dental care, eye care, and mental health care.

Your experience will have a community medicine focus and you will:

  • Live in the community where you will work and fellowship with other students.
  • Spend time doing home visits for patients with diabetes, asthma, and hypertension.
  • Run neighborhood health fairs, screening people for diabetes and hypertension.
  • Spend time shadowing Christian physicians at two of our four clinic sites.
  • Grow spiritually through group Bible studies, conferences on topics such as "What it Means to be a Christian Physician," and time for personal devotions and reflection. Don't miss this opportunity, which, according to a previous participant, "will forever change the way [you] practice medicine."

Unique Aspects: Urban setting, Spanish-speaking patients

Application Deadline: Application and Two Reference Letters must be received by March 16, 2020.

Program Fee (includes housing and supplies, does not include air-fare): $700 (scholarships available)

Eligible to Apply: First year medical students, Pre-med/PA/NP students who are currently in their fourth year of college.


For more information:  applications found on our website, www.lawndale.org. Questions? Contact lsmp@lawndale.org



Whole Person Care Preceptorship
June 13 - July 15, 2020
Redlands, California
Elective rotation credit may be available!

At the 20th annual Whole Person Care Preceptorship (WPCP) held in Southern California, you will receive professional training to ethically and sensitively assess and address the spiritual needs of your patients. In a variety of specialties and settings (inner-city clinics, University teaching hospital, private clinics, HMO, etc) you’ll work with and learn from seasoned Christian physicians and dentists who regularly integrate their faith into their patient. Plus, you will have ample opportunity to do the same with real patients in both clinical and hospital situations. Most importantly, you will grow and reconnect with God as you become better prepared to lead colleagues spiritually. Enjoy protected time for personal devotionals and learn from experts in the fields of personal ministry, bioethics, apologetics and theology. As you serve and enjoy the incredible attractions of California, you’ll live in community as you build lasting relationships and return to school rejuvenated and refreshed.

Application Deadline: March 20, 2020
For more information, visit 


Whole Person Care Preceptorship with SIM Africa Med Mission Option
May 26- August 7, 2020
North Carolina/California/Nigeria
Elective rotation credit may be available.

SIM and Medical Strategic Network are teaming up to provide an ultimate dual US/International summer medical mission experience.  You'll start out with orientation/cross cultural ministry training at the International Headquarters of SIM, then join the Whole Person Care Preceptorship in California.  From there you'll head to Africa to work in various SIM mission hospitals, and then debrief back to SIM Headquarters for debrief.  You'll get outstanding professional ministry training and then immediately apply it in both stateside and international settings.  You'll end your summer better prepared for a lifetime of ministry anywhere!

For more information, visit  https://www.simusa.org/internships/nigeria-2020/ and https://medsn.org/preceptorship/


Pre-Med/Pre-Pro Healthcare Student Mission
July 4-12, 2020
Redlands, CA

Spend one week this summer learning to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of your future patients. Experienced Christian medical, nursing and allied health students, along with Christian physicians and nurses, will train you to care for the whole person – body, mind, and soul – in an ethical, caring, and sensitive manner. You’ll apply what you’ve learned by offering the life-changing hope of Jesus Christ to real patients and their family members in healthcare facilities.

You’ll gain invaluable training and experience that will help clarify God’s calling on your life plus provide a unique experience that may enhance your application to medical or nursing school or various allied health school programs.

Application Deadline: March 27, 2020
For more information, visit 


The Summer Medical Institute, Philadelphia 2020

June 27-July 18, 2020 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Website: mcophilly.org/smi-philadelphia/

SMI Philly is a dynamic urban healthcare program sponsored by Medical Campus Outreach Philadelphia (mcophilly.org) and Esperanza Health Center, a Christian, federally qualified health center located in North Philadelphia (esperanzahealthcenter.org). In this intensive urban-immersion program, approximately 22 Christian health profession students learn to address the health needs of the largely underserved, urban community in Hispanic North Philadelphia and integrate their faith in the medical practice.   Students live and work together in the dense urban environment, working in teams five days a week to provide door-to-door health screens for diabetes and hypertension, and also provide information about HIV, asthma and nutrition.

Students receive evangelism training along with medical training during orientation and share the Gospel through conversation and prayer with those they meet. Participants live together, learn collectively and work in partnership with area churches, attending the neighborhood churches each Sunday. Teams are accompanied daily with local bilingual interpreters and partner churches will provide spiritual follow up to those in the community who request it.  Students will each spend a day shadowing health care providers at Esperanza and observe an effective model of Christian primary care (third and fourth year medical students and other upper-year students may participate in SMI as an academic rotation, pending approval and availability).  Students will learn about the issues and medical realities of the community by meeting people in the churches, in their homes, in the clinic and on the streets.

What else can students expect during SMI Philly? Strong relationships with team members and spiritual growth and discipleship are developed through small group Bible study, daily debriefing, twice-weekly teaching on biblical foundations and daily prayer and worship. Students will learn to process and respond to the issues they encounter, learning first-hand the impact of social, cultural, spiritual and economic factors on health.  Christian clinicians (SMI "faculty") from all health care fields volunteer to work alongside the students during the outreaches each week, providing valuable relational mentoring. SMI faculty also teach students on relevant topics during orientation, breakout teaching and panel discussions known as "Institute Days," and the final "Return Training" at the program's conclusion.  Students are expected to raise or provide $1400 to help cover program expenses, and will be given detailed information and help during this process.

SMI Philadelphia applications are due March 16, 2020, acceptances announced April 1. Contact the SMI director at smiphilly@gmail.com for questions, information and the application link. 

Go to http://mcophilly.org/smi-philadelphia/ for information and the application link as well, or to our wordpress site for the student blog: smiphilly.wordpress.com.


SMI Albania, July 19-Aug. 1, 2020

In 2020 SMI Philadelphia has an exciting opportunity for those interested in a longer program with an overseas component: immediately after SMI Philadelphia, 4-6 SMI Philly student participants and a faculty member will have an opportunity to travel to Tirana, Albania, for our third year to work with an urban Christian medical clinic.  SMI students will work with Christian Albanian medical and nursing students to provide neighborhood medical outreach, and observe firsthand how the experience and methods of SMI Philadelphia apply in an ethnically and religiously diverse overseas context, as well as participate in discipleship with the Albanian students. A separate, brief application is required for this opportunity, and both applications will be due by February 15, 2020, to allow time for travel arrangements and additional support raising.  Additional support raising costs are estimated at no more than $2200 for the Albania portion, including airfare. Albanian interpreters will be used on the outreaches, but English is spoken by most we will be working with. A sample schedule of the 2020 Albania program can be sent to you if you contact the SMI director, and while we prefer that participants attend SMI Philadelphia as well, exceptions may be made.  Please contact the SMI director at smiphilly@gmail.com if you are interested in more information and an application for SMI Albania.



Philadelphia Summer Medical Institute