Vignettes, Initiatives, Innovations & Education

Submit an abstract today!

Abstract submissions for the CMDA NRFC/NSC's VIE Poster Session are now open!

Embrace this great opportunity to hone your presentation skills and share your work at the CMDA National Convention, May 2 - May 5, 2019, at Ridgecrest Conference Center, North Carolina. Your colleagues and friends want to see what kind of research and vignettes you have been working on!

Please note: The VIE Poster Session will take place Friday, May 3, 2-5 p.m. in Johnson Springs, Room 5.

Please join us for the entire CMDA National Convention! Register HERE.

Abstracts that were accepted at other meetings may be submitted. VIE abstracts will only be available in the CMDA attendee booklet.

Prizes will be awarded for the posters that score highest on visual and oral presentation.

Submit your abstract by February 28, 2019, 11:59 PM EST. There is no submission fee. One submission per person.

Please use this form to submit an abstract. Following review of your abstract (approximately 2-4 weeks), you will be contacted by email with notification of your abstract acceptance and specifications for preparing your poster.

Types of Material
Clinical vignettes, case reports/series, basic science reports, clinical/translational reports, literature review, etc.

Fields/Topics (non-exhaustive):
Spirituality, ethics, education, computational biology, mathematical modeling, biophysics, biotechnology, biomedical science, medicine, surgery, dentistry, medical humanities, quality improvement, and so on

Structured Abstracts
All abstracts whould be no longer than 250-300 words. If you are submitting a VIGNETTE, please follow the outline: Introduction, Case Presentation, Discussion. If you are submitting RESEARCH, please follow the outline: Background, Methods, Results, Conclusion.

Abstract Examples
Clinical vignette (aka Case report)

Clinical/Translational Medicine

Technical Perspective

Career Perspectives

How to Write a Structured Abstract: Search “abstract”

Poster Preparation Instructions
Your poster must fit a 4' x 4' space. Posters may be 3' x 4' (vertical), 4' x 3' (horizontal), or 4' x 4' (square). You may use our optional Vertical Template, Horizontal Template, or Square Template if desired. Please bring your printed poster to the convention and set up in the designated time before the poster session. Please also prepare a five (5) minute summary that can be presented to judges and other interested visitors during the poster session.

Poster Presentation Guide

You must be present at the National Convention in order to win.

VIE abstracts will be available in the CMDA National Convention program booklet.

Evaluation Form
Presenters and judges: please complete our brief VIE Poster Session Evaluation Form (below) after the poster session to help us plan for future years.

‘Vie’ is a French word for ‘life’ and represents not only the acronym for ‘Vignettes, Initiatives, Innovations, & Education, but also our recognition of and commitment to stirring godly passions and life throughout CMDA and His kingdom through presentation of salient scholarly work.

Please email with any questions or concerns.