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There is a Better Way

August 20, 2020

by Nicole D. Hayes

“For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight”
(1 Corinthians 3:19a, NIV 1984).

We have seen the devastation, societal decay and moral rot caused by the perpetuation of human wisdom and reasoning. Many in the world call what is “evil, good” and what is “good, evil.” Such reasoning creates a propensity for lawlessness and disintegration. People reject the truth and divine guidance, while also truly casting off restraint (Proverbs 29:18). If such actions lead to decay, what then leads to life?

Answer: Godly wisdom and obedience.

I serve as CMDA’s Director of State Public Policy, and our advocacy team seeks to advance the life-affirming biblical principles of CMDAs’ ethical positions through legislative advocacy at the state levels. From abortion to recreational marijuana, from physician-assisted suicide to transgenderism— if passed, such laws will continue to sow societal decay.

In the last month, we have addressed bills being proposed in Alabama, California, Florida, Montana, New York and South Dakota. To advance our state public policy efforts, we work closely with CMDA members across the country and our American Academy of Medical Ethics (AAME) State Directors. We also have external partnerships, such as with Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) where we’re working with their representatives in Florida, South Dakota and additional states to bring protections for right of conscience through the Medical Ethics and Diversity (MED) Act. Right of conscience is important for healthcare professionals to practice healthcare according to their conscience and faith.

In some of our work, we encounter David versus Goliath situations where more is stacked in favor of the opposition. Such was the case in California, where a bill written to fund trans-led organizations would have paid monies directly to such organizations and could foreseeably incentivize the active recruitment of patients—even minor patients—for medical treatments of gender dysphoria. The bill was initially killed, then quickly brought back up for hearing, which required our immediate need to pivot, gather expert testimony and seek letters written in opposition to the bill. The bill already has a strong possibility of passing out of committee and the senate.

In contrast, we are also working to support a bill being put forward in Alabama that would prohibit medical procedures or the prescription issuance of medication to a minor that is intended to alter their appearance, gender or delay puberty. The bill would also establish criminal penalties for violations. The hope is that minors who are dealing with gender dysphoria will be allowed the natural space and time to grow out of the disorder and align with their born sex instead of undergoing disfiguring and often irreversible surgical procedures and treatments.

There is no wisdom in the natural man’s thinking to obtain righteousness. There is a better way. We are called to be ministers of reconciliation and righteousness. It is a collective work to advance godly wisdom in the earth. No doubt this work requires our prayers, our vigilance and our godly wisdom, as the enemy will not easily surrender territory. We pray and have a hopeful expectation that the outcomes of this work, though challenging at times, will help to stem societal decay and will move people toward godliness, preserving their future and the future of others as it lights their way out of darkness.

An Invitation

The Christian voice matters. As Christians, we can have a godly influence in shaping decisions made in our country’s democratic, educational, institutional, judicial and legislative processes. We can present biblical principles in these spaces that will have practical, moral and ethical impact locally, regionally and nationally. Such godly influence will improve quality of lives and help to reduce societal decay.

Given that this is a collective work, we invite you to prayerfully consider how the Lord may be leading you to become involved in public policy in your area. This may already be a desire on your heart, and you need guidance on how to start. We would be glad to help you with that.

Please email to be added to a list of members interested in engaging in public policy. We will follow up with you. We also ask your response to our emails regarding pending legislation in your state in which we may need your assistance.

Thank you and God bless you. May you continue to be available for how God can use you for such a time as this.

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