Introducing Our New CEO

Mike Chupp, MD

Meet Dr. Mike Chupp


Effective September 1, CMDA is excited to announce that Dr. Mike Chupp is CMDA’s new Chief Executive Officer.

“I am honored to have been chosen as CMDA’s next CEO. CMDA shaped my professional life as a Christian physician and clearly influenced my decision to become a missionary surgeon. It is a privilege to be asked to lead an organization that has had such a tremendous impact upon healthcare professionals by motivating them to care for the sick like Christ did.” – Mike Chupp, MD

Prior to his role as Executive Vice President for CMDA, Dr. Chupp served for 20 years as a career missionary with World Gospel Mission at Tenwek Mission Hospital in Kenya where he wore several different leadership hats including the Medical Director and Assistant Country Director for WGM Kenya. Since completing his medical training, he also fit in nearly seven years of private general surgery practice as a missionary member of the Surgical Department of Southwestern Medical Clinic and Lakeland Regional Health System in St. Joseph, Michigan.

Dr. Chupp succeeds David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics), who is stepping down after 25 years of serving as CMDA’s CEO. In 2017, a search committee was established to appoint a new CEO after Dr. Stevens announced his plan to transition out of his administrative role with CMDA. A total of 16 applications were received, and the search committee presented two candidates to the Board of Trustees for a final selection in the fall of 2018. Candidates were evaluated on spiritual leadership, strategic leadership, organizational leadership, human resources, financial planning/management, public policy and image, education and experience and knowledge and abilities.

“Looking forward, I’m excited. God has now brought Dr. Mike Chupp to lead CMDA. For the last three years, he has served as CMDA’s Executive Vice President and done a superb job. As I hand over the steering wheel to him, he has my complete confidence. He is a deeply spiritual man, an excellent leader, a superb administrator and a visionary leader. God has prepared him, just like He prepared me 25 years ago, to lead this organization. If we ever need CMDA, we need it now with what we face in healthcare and in our country. Looking forward, I see great things ahead. God’s continued blessings are on the way!” – David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics), CEO Emeritus

To learn more about Dr. Chupp and his vision for the future of CMDA, we encourage you to watch this video of Dr. Stevens interviewing Dr. Chupp.

Inauguration Ceremony

Saturday, May 4, 2019

From the Spillman Auditorium at the Ridgecrest Conference Center

Black Mountain, North Carolina

“We clearly have been blessed by a firm foundation in leadership, and we are clearly looking forward to a future of necessary change toward new methods and new leadership with the unchanging message of Christ. Our future is filled with words like diversity, youth, gender, church, right of conscience and, most of all, Jesus. Join us as we follow our new leaders, with determination and without fear, for those who lead us are good and the God who calls us is able.”

Gloria Halverson, MD

CMDA President

Al Weir, MD

Immediate Past-President, CMDA

Furman Richard

“I have watched as the Lord used Mike Chupp on the mission field and presently moving into the leadership role of CMDA. I can truly say – how good it is to look back and see the Lord’s hand in his life and how I look expectantly forward to see how he is going to be used in the future of CMDA as he faithfully follows the Lord’s direction.”

Richard Furman, MD, FACS

Co-Founder, World Medical Mission

“Dr. Chupp’s effective cross-cultural leadership for over 20 years at Tenwek Hospital left a lasting impact on the Tenwek Hospital community, in addition to influencing other mission hospital leaders. I applied insight and wisdom from Mike during my time working in Africa and continue to utilize these insights even today. Mike’s attentive listening ear and thoughtful and reflective responses will undoubtedly serve well the greater CMDA community throughout the United States and its sister organizations around the world.”

Keir Thelander, MD, FACS, FWACS

Chief Medical Officer, Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons
Fischer Philip

“Congratulations to Dr. Mike Chupp on his willingness to serve as the leader of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations. For decades, Mike has worked diligently to improve the health and lives of patients and families in Kenya, throughout Africa, and around the planet. He has advanced medical knowledge and professional education. Now, in his new roles, he will extend his influence to positively enhance the careers of medical care providers throughout the world as he strengthens the entire profession of medicine. Congratulations!”

Phil Fischer, MD

Professor of Pediatrics, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota USA

“I am fully confident that God has called you to this place at this time, for His glory. ‘Long ago you gripped me, Slinger. Now into the storm. Now toward your target!’ (Dag Hammerskold) We love you, man!” 

Al Weir, MD

Immediate Past-President, CMDA
O'Neill Kenneth

“Dr. Mike Chupp is a faithful man of God, specially prepared by Him to lead CMDA at this critical time. I anticipate and pray that he will lead with vision, passion, humility, discernment, boldness and love. He will build on the legacy of godly men and women in CMDA following their love for Jesus and medical service.”

Kenneth O’Neill, MD

VP Clinical Integration, Spectrum Health Lakeland; Former President, Southwestern Medical Clinic
Lang'at Robert

“Dr. Mike Chupp has been trained by the best of the best in the practice of Christian medical compassionate ministries and administration at the best mission hospital in the world-Tenwek Hospital in Kenya and through a leading evangelical mission agency-World Gospel Mission.”

Rev. Dr. Robert K. Lang’at

Bishop Africa Gospel Church-Kenya/Chairman of the Boards of Tenwek Hospital, Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK) and Mission for Essential Drugs (MEDS) and member of the Board of World Gospel Mission
Schafer Dan

“Mike Chupp is a lover, a thinker, and a doer!

“He is a lover. Mike has demonstrated repeatedly throughout his life that he loves Jesus, he loves people, and he loves his wife and family. You cannot spend five minutes with Mike without feeling his care and compassion for others.

“He is a thinker. Mike is a brilliant man who routinely demonstrates that he is not only smart but intelligent. Some people are full of knowledge, but in that same five minutes you spend with Mike you will begin to understand that Mike not only has a command of the facts, but he possesses a deep wisdom that makes you comfortable with following him.

“He is a doer. Mike gets things done. He has a track record of accomplishments a mile long. No matter what the task that is set before him – big or small – he does it heartily as unto the Lord and he follows it through to completion.”

Dr. Dan Schafer

President of World Gospel Mission
Allen Rick

“Mike has strong intellectual capacity and a natural curiosity which will serve him well in his new leadership role. However the first things that come to mind when I think of Mike is his smile and firm handshake. His warmth and positivity shine as an expression of the Holy Spirit in his life. As CEO of MedSend I have known Mike for over eleven years. I value his input and partnership. The world and in many ways the practice of medicine is in turmoil. A steady hand at the wheel is required. I believe Mike is the appropriate leader of CMDA for such a time as this.”

Rick Allen

CEO, MedSend

“I first met Mike and Pam at Tenwek Hospital. We had just arrived as newly minted medical missionaries a couple of months before them, had the privilege of serving alongside of each other for our first year together as medical missionaries, raising each others' children, praying and worshiping together, and doing life together in close community. It was immediately apparent that Mike was blessed with strong but breathtakingly gentle leadership skills. He is a leader who genuinely cares about you and what you think. Even now, when he asks you a question, he listens intensely his eyes never leaving yours as you respond. He never interrupts. You know that he really cares, is really absorbing your response. He seeks consensus and collaboration but isn't afraid to lead alone when his convictions lead him to do so. He has been a faithful friend and husband to Pam and a faithful, loving Dad to his four children (and mine...). He is a gifted surgeon willing to lay down his area of expertise, and accept new responsibilities for the good of the ministry that force him to become a humble learner all over again. He models a solid work ethic but knows healthy boundaries that help him and his family thrive. Most importantly, I know Mike as a Jesus-lover and a true disciple whose heart beats to see others know and experience Jesus' love and forgiveness. I trust him and I'm excited to follow and serve Mike as he follows hard after Jesus.”

Dr. Todd Stephens

Disciple of the Lord Jesus, Associate Director of Via Christi Family Medicine Residency Program, Director of International Fellowship at Via Christi